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___ Population of the US States and the principal US territories.

List of all 50 US States with population figures. From the most populous US state to the least populated state in the United States.

List of U.S. states and territories with population estimates as of 1 July 2015.

Flags of the US States
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Population of US States

State Population
Largest City Notes
  1 California State Flag California 39,145,000 Sacramento   Los Angeles Most populous US state
  2 Texas State Flag Texas 27,469,000 Austin   Houston Second largest US state and second most populous.
  3 Florida State Flag Florida 20,271,000 Tallahassee   Jacksonville  
  4 New York State Flag New York 19,796,000 Albany   New York City  
  5 Illinois State Flag Illinois 12,860,000 Springfield   Chicago  
  6 Pennsylvania State Flag Pennsylvania 12,802,000 Harrisburg   Philadelphia  
  7 Ohio State Flag Ohio 11,613,000 Columbus   Columbus  
  8 Georgia State Flag Georgia 10,215,000 Atlanta   Atlanta  
  9 North Carolina State Flag North Carolina 10,043,000 Raleigh   Charlotte  
10 Michigan State Flag Michigan 9,922,000 Lansing   Detroit  
11 New Jersey State Flag New Jersey 8,958,000 Trenton   Newark Most most densely-populated US state.
12 Virginia State Flag Virginia 8,383,000 Richmond   Virginia Beach  
13 Washington State Flag Washington 7,170,000 Olympia   Seattle  
14 Arizona State Flag Arizona 6,828,000 Phoenix   Phoenix  
15 Massachusetts State Flag Massachusetts 6,794,000 Boston   Boston  
16 Indiana State Flag Indiana 6,619,000 Indianapolis   Indianapolis  
17 Tennessee State Flag Tennessee 6,600,000 Nashville   Memphis  
18 Missouri State Flag Missouri 6,084,000 Jefferson City   Kansas City  
19 Maryland State Flag Maryland 6,006,000 Annapolis   Baltimore  
20 Wisconsin State Flag Wisconsin 5,771,000 Madison   Milwaukee  
21 Minnesota State Flag Minnesota 5,489,000 St. Paul   Minneapolis  
22 Colorado State Flag Colorado 5,456,500 Denver   Denver  
23 South Carolina State Flag South Carolina 4,896,000 Columbia   Columbia  
24 Alabama State Flag Alabama 4,859,000 Montgomery   Birmingham  
25 Louisiana State Flag Louisiana 4,671,000 Baton Rouge   New Orleans  
26 Kentucky State Flag Kentucky 4,425,000 Frankfort   Louisville  
27 Oregon State Flag Oregon 4,029,000 Salem   Portland  
28 Oklahoma State Flag Oklahoma 3,911,000 Oklahoma City   Oklahoma City  
29 Connecticut State Flag Connecticut 3,590,000 Hartford   Bridgeport  
30 Iowa State Flag Iowa 3,124,000 Des Moines   Des Moines  
31 Utah State Flag Utah 2,996,000 Salt Lake City   Salt Lake City  
32 Mississippi State Flag Mississippi 2,992,000 Jackson   Jackson  
33 Arkansas State Flag Arkansas 2,978,000 Little Rock   Little Rock  
34 Kansas State Flag Kansas 2,911,000 Topeka   Wichita  
35 Nevada State Flag Nevada 2,891,000 Carson City   Las Vegas  
36 New Mexico State Flag New Mexico 2,085,000 Santa Fe   Albuquerque  
37 Nebraska State Flag Nebraska 1,896,000 Lincoln   Omaha  
38 West Virginia State Flag West Virginia 1,844,000 Charleston   Charleston  
39 Idaho State Flag Idaho 1,655,000 Boise City   Boise City  
40 Hawai'i State Flag Hawaii 1,431,000 Honolulu   Honolulu  
41 New Hampshire State Flag New Hampshire 1,330,000 Concord   Manchester  
42 Maine State Flag Maine 1,329,000 Augusta   Portland  
43 Rhode Island State Flag Rhode Island 1,056,000 Providence   Providence  
44 Montana State Flag Montana 1,031,000 Helena   Billings  
45 Delaware State Flag Delaware 946,000 Dover   Wilmington  
46 South Dakota State Flag South Dakota 858,500 Pierre   Sioux Falls  
47 North Dakota State Flag North Dakota 757,000 Bismarck   Fargo  
48 Alaska State Flag Alaska 738,400 Juneau   Anchorage Largest US state and third least populated state. It is the least densely-populated US state.
49 Vermont State Flag Vermont 624,600 Montpelier   Burlington  
50 Wyoming State Flag Wyoming 585,500 Cheyenne   Cheyenne Least populated US state

Principal US territories

    Country/Territory Population
Capital   Territory Notes
  Flag of the United States United States


Washington   North America Third largest country in the world by area. The US area is about half the size of Russia or more than twice the size of the European Union. The nation state consists of 50 states and one capital district (District of Columbia).
    District of Columbia 672,200     South Atlantic Capital district of the United States, generally known as Washington D.C.
Source: U.S. Census Bureau
Territories of the United States (Population estimates 2016)
  American Samoa Flag American Samoa 54,200 Pago Pago   Polynesia American Samoa has a land area of 198 km² (76 sq mi)
  Guam Flag Guam 162,742 Hagåtña (Agaña)   Micronesia Guam has a land area of 543 km² (209 sq mi)
  Northern Mariana Islands Flag Northern Mariana Islands 53,467 Saipan (island)   Micronesia The territory has a land area of 472 km² (182 sq mi)
  Puerto Rico Flag Puerto Rico 3,411,000 San Juan   Caribbean Puerto Rico has a land area of 8,867 km² (3,424 sq mi)
  US Virgin Islands Flag US Virgin Islands 103,000 Charlotte Amalie   Caribbean The territory has a land area of 348 km² (134 sq mi)
Source: CIA World Factbook
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