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  The Continents  
Africa Americas and Caribbean Asia
Europe Oceania/Australia  
Index of Countries:
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  Country List from A to Z List of Sovereign States
Country Names Arabic Arabic Chinese  Chinese
  French  French German  German
  Italian  Italian Russian  Russian
  Spanish  Spanish  
Overseas Territories List of Overseas Territories and Dependent Areas
Historical Historical Country Names
List of formerly used country names and names of countries which have ceased to exist.
Countries Countries by Area Countries by Population
  Population Figures for Most Populated Countries and Most Densely Populated Countries Global Village of 100 People representing the World
  Gross National Income of Countries Currencies of Countries
  Country Codes Country Calling Codes
  UN Human Development Index of Countries
  Countries and Press Freedom
Press Freedom Index
Countries and Corruption
Corruption Perceptions Index
First, Second and Third World First, Second and Third World
  List of Least Developed Countries (LDCs) Landlocked Developing Countries (LLDCs)
  Rich and poor countries Nations in Transit
Fourth World Native American Indians  
Flags of the Nations Flags of Africa Flags of the Americas and the Caribbean
  Flags of Asia Flags of Europe
  Flags of Oceania/Australia Flags of the USA
Languages Most spoken Languages of the World
  Languages of Africa Languages of the Americas
  Languages of Asia Languages of Europe
  Languages of Oceania/Australia
  Mega Languages by Countries Language Codes
  Country Calling Codes  
  International Spelling Alphabet Codes  
Cities Capital Cities Africa Capital Cities Americas
  Capital Cities Asia Capital Cities Europe
  Cities Oceania/Australia  
  International Cities Largest Cities of the World
  Most populated cities China French Cities
  Cities and Regions of Italy Most Populated Cities Japan
  Most Populated Cities USA  
Maps Index Outline Map of the world  
Maps by Countries Map of World Continents  
  Political Map of the World Physical Map of the World
  Map of Africa Map of Europe
  Political Map of Africa Map of Central and Eastern Europe
  Map of Asia Map of Southeast Asia
  Map of China Provinces Map of India
  Map of Central America and the Caribbean Map of North America
  Map of South America  
  Map of the USA Blank Map USA
  Index of Maps of the U.S. States  
Travel Travel Destinations Travel Warnings
Transportation International Airlines Major Airlines of the World
  Index Airport Codes  
Order by Airport/City Airport IATA Codes Airport Code List
Order by IATA Code IATA Airport Codes  
  Biggest World Airports Major US Airports
  Searchable Map of Major Canadian and U.S. Airports  
  Searchable Map of Major Airports in India and Southern Asia  
  Searchable Map of Major European Airports  
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