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International Cities and Capitals around the World

Guangzhou at Zhujiang River, China
Guangzhou, China at Zhujiang River with the tower of Guangzhou International Finance Centre in background.
Image: kk

The Capital Cities of the World.


On the pages below you will find all the states, nations and dependencies with their capital cities with city proper population, and links to official or near official sites.

Visit the worlds capitals by continent:

 Capital Cities of Africa

 Capital Cities of the Americas

 Capital Cities of Asia

 Capital Cities of Australia and Oceania

 Capital Cities of Europe

Bangkok at night, seen from State Tower
Impression of Bangkok at night, seen from State Tower.
Image: kk

Big Cities

 The Largest Cities of the World
Megacities: the biggest and most populated cities of the world.

World Famous Cities

Most Famous Cities in the World
A virtual journey to famous cities like San Francisco, New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, Bangkok, Athens, New Delhi - and many other cities - its your choice.

Most Populous Cities
 The most populated Cities in the United States
Lists of U.S. cities with the most inhabitants.
 The most populated cities in China
List of cities in China with the most inhabitants.
 French Cities
Important cities of France.
 Cities and Regions of Italy
A virtual guide to Italy's Cities and Regions.
 The most populated cities in Japan
Japans most populous cities.

The Capital Cities of the World by Nation States

The independent States and their Capitals
The official web sites, with travel guides, tourist information for sight-seeing, culture, history as well as news and services.

 State Capitals of the United States
The 50 US states and their capital.