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Capital Cities of Africa

The National Assembly building in Luanda, Angola; the National Assembly building in Abuja, Nigeria, the Union Buildings in Pretoria, South Africa; the Parliament of Kenya in Nairobi; and the Capitol Building in Monrovia, Liberia.
African government buildings. (l to r) The National Assembly building in Luanda, Angola; the National Assembly building in Abuja, Nigeria, the Union Buildings in Pretoria, South Africa; the Parliament of Kenya in Nairobi; and the Capitol Building in Monrovia, Liberia.
Images: David Stanley, Ovinuchi Ejiohuo, Țetcu Mircea, Ting Chen

African Capitals

Africa political map
Map of Africa
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List of the Capital Cities of Africa.

On this page, you will find a list of all the capital cities of Africa with figures of the city population*.

Have a look at the cities from space; for each city, there is a searchable map/satellite view. Additionally, you will find links to the official or near official city site (if available). Almost all African states are developing countries with a less developed internet infrastructure; therefore, there are fewer capitals of Africa online.

The country links lead you to the respective country profile page.

* The size of the population in Africa's major cities is a problematic issue. There are not many reliable sources, and most are rough estimates of the urban population.

According to the United Nations, Africa's urban population has been growing at a very high rate. From about 27% in 1950 to 40% in 2015, and projected to reach 60% by 2050 (UN-DESA, 2014).

Both underdevelopment (poverty) and development have contributed to migration within African countries. Migration to the cities has encouraged the development of slums around large cities with countless inhabitants. The largest informal settlements (slums) are Khayelitsha in Cape Town, South Africa, Kibera in Nairobi, Kenya, and Accra's Jamestown, in Ghana.

The population figures refer to the metropolitan area of Africa's capitals. For example, Cairo, the largest city in Africa, has a population of about 9.1 million people, but more than 20 million people live in its metropolitan area.

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Population Source: World Urbanization Prospects: The 2018 Revision (Population of Capital Cities in 2018)

Capital City
Satellite View and Map
City Population

Capital Cities of African Nations

Abuja Abuja Map 2,919,000 Nigeria
Accra Accra Map 2,439,000 Ghana
Addis Ababa (Addis Abeba) Addis Ababa Map 4,400,000 Ethiopia
Algiers (Alger, El Djazâir, Al Jaza'ir) Algiers Map 2,694,000 Algeria
Antananarivo Antananarivo Map 3,058,000 Madagascar
Asmara (Asmera) Asmara Map 896,000 Eritrea
Bamako Bamako Map 2,447,000 Mali
Bangui Bangui Map 851,000 Central Africa
Banjul Banjul Map 437,000 Gambia
Bissau Bissau Map 558,000 Guinea-Bissau
Brazzaville Brazzaville Map 2,230,000 Congo (Brazzaville)
Bujumbura Bujumbura Map 899,000 Burundi
Cairo (El Qahirah) Cairo Map 20,076,000 Egypt
Cape Town (legislative)
Bloemfontein (judicial)
Pretoria (admin.)
Cape Town Map
Bloemfontein Map
Pretoria Map
South Africa
Conakry Conakry Map 1,843,000 Guinea
Dakar Dakar Map 2,978,000 Senegal
Dar es Salaam (former capital)
Dodoma Map
Dar es Salaam Map
Djibouti (City) (Djiboûtî) Djibouti City Map 562,000 Djibouti
El Aaiún (Laayoune, Al 'Ayun)   232,200 Western Sahara
Freetown Freetown Map 1,136,000 Sierra Leone
Gaborone Gaborone Map 269,000 Botswana
Harare (formerly Salisbury) Harare Map 1,515,000 Zimbabwe
Juba Juba Map 369,000 South Sudan
Kampala Kampala Map 2,986,000 Uganda
Khartoum (Al Khartum, Al Khurtum (sd) Khartoum Map 5,534,000 Sudan
Kigali Kigali Map 1,158,000 Rwanda
Kinshasa Kinshasa Map 13,171,000 Congo (Kinshasa)
Libreville Libreville Map 813,000 Gabon
Lilongwe Lilongwe Map 1,030,000 Malawi
Mbabane (administrative)
Lobamba (legislative)
Mbabane Map
Lomé Lomé Map 1,746,000 Togo
Luanda Luanda Map 7,774,000 Angola
Lusaka Lusaka Map 2,524,000 Zambia
Malabo (formerly Santa Isabel city state) Malabo Map 297,000 Equatorial Guinea
Maputo Maputo Map 1,102,000 Mozambique
Maseru Maseru Map 202,000 Lesotho
Mogadishu (Muqdishu (ar), Muqdisho (so)) Mogadishu Map 2,082,000 Somalia
Monrovia Monrovia Map 1,418,000 Liberia
Moroni (Môrônî (Arab) Moroni Map 62,000 Comoros
Nairobi Nairobi Map 4,386,000 Kenya
N'Djamena (Ndjamena) N'Djamena Map 1,323,000 Chad
Niamey Niamey Map 1,214,000 Niger
Nouakchott (Nuwaskshut, Noûâkchot (mr)) Nouakchott Map 1,205,000 Mauritania
Ouagadougou Ouagadougou Map 2,531,000 Burkina Faso
Port Louis Port Louis Map 149,000 Mauritius
Porto-Novo (constitutional)
Cotonou (seat of government)
Porto-Novo Map
Cotonou Map
Praia Praia Map 168,000 Cape Verde
Rabat (Ar Ribat, Er Ribât (ma)) Rabat Map 1,847,000 Morocco
Tripoli (Tarabulus) Tripoli Map 1,158,000 Libya
Tunis (Toûnis, Tunus (tn)) Tunis Map 2,291,000 Tunisia
Victoria Victoria Map 28,000 Seychelles
Windhoek Windhoek Map 404,000 Namibia
Yamoussoukro Yamoussoukro Map 231,000 Côte d'Ivoire
Yaoundé Yaoundé Map 3,656,000 Cameroon

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