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Cities and Capitals around the World

Capital Cities of North and South America and the Caribbean

Government buildings in Buenos Aires, Washington, D.C., Ottawa, Brasilia, and Santiago de Chile
Government buildings in Buenos Aires, Washington, D.C., Ottawa, Brasilia, and Santiago de Chile.
(from l to r) Argentine Congress; the Capitol in Washington, D.C.; the Parliament of Canada; the National Congress of Brazil; and La Moneda Palace in Santiago.
Images: Fabián Minetti (Buenos Aires), Sharonannajacob (Ottawa), Marcelo Jorge Vieira (Brasilia), Schwittu (Santiago)

American Capitals

Map of the Americas
North and South America and the Caribbean.

List of the Capital Cities of the Americas.

From Asunción to Washington - on this page, you will find a list of all the capitals of the North and South American and Caribbean states with figures on the city population.

The population figures are the latest available data and refer to the core city or urban area of the capital. The numbers only give an indication of the size of the respective capital city.

Have a look at the cities from space. For each city, there is a searchable map/satellite view; additionally, you will find links to the official city site (if available) and more information about the capital.

Country links open the respective country profile page.


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Population Source: National Statistics Bureaus and the World Urbanization Prospects: The 2018 Revision (Population of Capital Cities in 2018), and others.

Capital City
Satellite View and Map
City Population

Capital Cities and States of the Americas

Asunción Google Earth Asunción Map 525,000 Paraguay
Basseterre capt Basseterre Map 14,000 St Kitts & Nevis
Belmopan capt Belmopan Map 22,900 Belize
Bogotá (Santa Fé de Bogotá) capt Bogotá Map 7,422,000 Colombia
Brasilia (Brasília) capt Brasilia Map 2,975,000 Brazil
Bridgetown capt Bridgetown Map 89,200 Barbados
Buenos Aires capt Buenos Aires Map 2,995,000 Argentina
Caracas capt Caracas Map 2,935,000 Venezuela
Castries capt Castries Map 22,000 Saint Lucia
Georgetown capt Georgetown Map 110,000 Guyana
Guatemala City (La Cuidad de Guatemala) capt Guatemala Map 2,851,000 Guatemala
Havana (La Habana) capt Havana Map 2,136,000 Cuba
Kingston capt Kingston Map 669,000 Jamaica
Kingstown capt Kingstown Map 27,000 Saint Vincent & Grenadines
La Paz (administrative)
Sucre (legislative)
capt La Paz Map
capt Sucre Map
Lima capt Lima Map 9,752,000 Peru
Managua capt Managua Map 1,048,000 Nicaragua
México (Ciudad de México) capt México City Map 8,918,000 Mexico
Montevideo capt Montevideo Map 1,737,000 Uruguay
Nassau capt Nassau Map 280,000 Bahamas, The
Ottawa capt Ottawa Map 934,000 Canada
Panamá (City) capt Panamá City Map 813,000 Panama
Paramaribo capt Paramaribo Map 239,000 Suriname
Port au Prince capt Port-au-Prince Map 2,600,000 Haiti
Port of Spain capt Port-of-Spain Map 544,000 Trinidad and Tobago
Quito capt Quito Map 1,822,000 Ecuador
Roseau capt Roseau Map 15,500 Dominica
Saint George's capt Saint George's Map 39,000 Grenada
Saint John's (St John's) capt St John's Map 21,000 Antigua & Barbuda
San José capt San José Map 342,000 Costa Rica
San Salvador capt San Salvador Map 1,100,000 El Salvador
Santiago capt Santiago Map 5,220,000 Chile
Santo Domingo capt Santo Domingo Map 3,170,000 Dominican Republic
Tegucigalpa capt Tegucigalpa Map 1,363,000 Honduras
Washington, D.C. capt Washington D.C. Map 705,000 United States

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