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___ Capital Cities of the Americas

Skyline of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Skyline of Buenos Aires, capital city of Argentina.
Image: Fernanda LeMarie

Capital Cities of American Countries

From Asunción to Washington, on this page you will find the capital cities of the American and Caribbean nations with figures of the city proper population*

Have a look at the cities from space, for each city there is a serachable map/satellite view, additionally you will find links to the official city site (if available) and more information about a city.

Country links open the respective country profile page.

* City proper is a locality with legally fixed boundaries and an administratively recognized urban status that is usually characterized by some form of local government.
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Capital Cities and States of the Americas

Capital City

Satellite View/Map

Asunción Google Earth Asunción Map 560,000    Paraguay
Basseterre Google Earth Basseterre Map 15,000    Saint Kitts and Nevis
Belmopan Google Earth Belmopan Map 8,300    Belize
Bogotá (Santa Fé de Bogotá) Google Earth Bogotá Map 6,422,198    Colombia
Brasilia Google Earth Brasilia Map 1,650,000    Brazil
Bridgetown Google Earth Bridgetown Map 8,500    Barbados
Buenos Aires Google Earth Buenos Aires Map 3,000,000    Argentina
Caracas Google Earth Caracas Map 6,000,000    Venezuela
Castries Google Earth Castries Map 2,000    Saint Lucia
Georgetown Google Earth Georgetown Map 80,000    Guyana
Guatemala City (La Cuidad de Guatemala) Google Earth Guatemala Map 1,700,000    Guatemala
Havana (La Habana) Google Earth Havana Map 2,180,000    Cuba
Kingston Google Earth Kingston Map 104,000    Jamaica
Kingstown Google Earth Kingstown Map 20,000    Saint Vincent & Grenadines
La Paz (adm.)
Sucre (legislative)
Google Earth La Paz Map 785,000    Bolivia
Lima Google Earth Lima Map 6,420,000    Peru
Managua Google Earth Managua Map 610,000    Nicaragua
México (Ciudad de México) Google Earth México City Map 8,300,000    Mexico
Montevideo Google Earth Montevideo Map 1,370,000    Uruguay
Nassau Google Earth Nassau Map 170,000    Bahamas, The
Ottawa Google Earth Ottawa Map 320,000    Canada
Panamá (City) Google Earth Panamá City Map 452,000    Panama
Paramaribo Google Earth Paramaribo Map 111,000    Suriname
Port-au-Prince Google Earth Port-au-Prince Map 700,000    Haiti
Port-of-Spain Google Earth Port-of-Spain Map 45,000    Trinidad and Tobago
Quito Google Earth Quito Map 1,100,000    Ecuador
Roseau Google Earth Roseau Map 16,500    Dominica
Saint George's Google Earth Saint George's Map 5,000    Grenada
Saint John's (St John's) Google Earth St John's Map 23,000    Antigua & Barbuda
San José Google Earth San José Map 317,000    Costa Rica
San Salvador Google Earth San Salvador Map 420,000    El Salvador
Santiago Google Earth Santiago Map 4,250,000    Chile
Santo Domingo Google Earth Santo Domingo Map 2,150,000    Dominican Republic
Tegucigalpa Google Earth Tegucigalpa Map 620,000    Honduras
Washington D.C. Google Earth Washington D.C. Map 570,000    United States
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