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A portal to the countries of the world.

Made to improve cross-cultural understanding and global awareness through information.
A statement for the peaceful, nonviolent coexistence of nations, for cultural diversity and cultural identity,
and the free flow of information and knowledge across national, cultural and religious boundaries.



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This site is a portal of gateways to the countries, cultures and nations in the world, a reference directory and a destination guide | You are invited to discover completely unknown places and visit legendary sites | Please click on the planet's image above to start your travel and enter this part of the "ten-thousand dimensional net covering heaven and earth" the Chinese name for the internet. Go for a virtual journey through world's history, travel all world time zones, touch the past, the present and the near future | It's for sure an exciting but not a very risky enterprise | The only thing you need is your open mind | Earth with its nations is a very complex entity with a very tricky system of social and political relations | This site aims to show you how stunning our world is, to encourage you to leave your comfort zone someday and explore the world by yourself |
or starters just use this world guide, learn about each country of the world. You will find Country Profiles for almost every country, with information on: Area | Geography | Government | Country Flag | Maps | Population | Languages| the Capital City | Major cities | Ethnic groups| Religion | Literacy rate | Economy | History and even the Local Time. Use the maps for a voyage of discovery of countries, nation-states, areas, territories and remote provinces. Your journey will lead you all around planet earth, through all the continents, the Antarctic, the countries of Australia, the Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe and Australia/Oceania | Feel free to visit the territories of indigenous people and study the culture of first nations, feel like a (alter)native tourist on sight seeing | You may want to visit well-known, world-class cities like Paris, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York, or Cape Town. Tired of the hype? Leave the cities and visit almost unpopulated islands while you might find answers for questions like: Who are you, where do you want to go, or more concrete questions like: actually, how many nations are there in the world, how many people? | Get informed about the really not sparsely world population, and about the First, Second and Third World.

World countries and areas from A to Z (with English English, French French country names.
List of country names in alphabetical order in German German, Italian Italian and Spanish Spanish.
Chinese Chinese Country Names, Chinese Russian Country Names Arabic Arabic Country Names
Note: Despite any effort for correctness, this site is not perfect, but before you complain, please read the given information first.
If there is something to complain, please be precise: whats missing, whats wrong etc.


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