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Dominica's capial Roseau after Category 5 Hurricane Maria
Dominica's capital Roseau after Category 5 Hurricane Maria. The same destructive forces wreaked havoc in all the Northeastern Caribbean. As of 6 October, the hurricane has caused at least 78 deaths: 30 in Dominica, 5 in the Dominican Republic, 2 in Guadeloupe, 3 in Haiti, 34 in Puerto Rico, 1 in the United States Virgin Islands, and 3 in the contiguous United States.
Image: DFID - UK

Hurricane Harvey, Irma, Maria, Nate, the catastrophic storms

There is no global warming or climate change, isn't it? It's just a change in the weather pattern and it can get really rough, actually, you should have been prepared for the worst case scenario.

Back-to-back storms wreaked havoc in Central America, the Caribbean, and states along the U.S. Gulf Coast.

It was a very harsh awakening after more and more powerful Atlantic storms have swept abrasively many islands in the Eastern Caribbean and bashing several states along the U.S. Gulf Coast, causing major damage to buildings, destroyed infrastructure, damaged crucial economies, ripped communities apart — and killed people. Hurricanes Harvey and Irma wiped out more than 30,000 jobs in Texas and Florida, let alone in parts of the Caribbean.

Due to an extensive, and for some guys extremely dangerous press coverage, the world has witnessed unimagined scenes of devastation. But now — there is hardly a way to rebuilt towns and communities without electricity, fuel, clean water, food, roads, jobs, sanitation, and telecommunication, for all this necessities were destroyed by the hurricane. The US may have the capacity to restore devastated towns and communities in the long term, but poor Caribbean islands may have not. Tossing paper towels is really not enough.

Possible path of Hurricane NateOne of the last predicted paths of Hurricane Nate.

Many of the projected paths of Hurricane Irma were quite inaccurate, US forecast models have been pretty terrible [1], as a result, people fled to 'save' places, just to get caught in the center of a disaster.

Map Description
The graphic shows an approximate representation of coastal areas under a hurricane warning (red), hurricane watch (pink), tropical storm warning (blue) and tropical storm watch (yellow). The orange circle indicates the current position of the center of the tropical cyclone.

Image: National Hurricane Center

Central America
Tropical storm Nate has already killed at least 22 people in Nicaragua and Costa Rica. The United States Virgin Islands were hit twice, what was left by Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Maria has put it over the edge.

Hurricane Maria destroyed Dominica and devastated Puerto Rico and left the islands without power and .

Island territories in the path of the Category 5 Hurricane Irma, one of the strongest Atlantic storms ever recorded (another great superlative), were the northern Leeward Islands, a group of islands in the West Indies (Caribbean), some of the French Caribbean islands and the former territories of the Netherlands Antilles (Guadeloupe, St. Barthélemy (St. Barts) and Saint Martin (Sint Maarten)), Anguilla, the British Virgin Islands and the US Virgin Islands.

Irma has slammed Anguilla and made parts of St Martin/Sint Maarten look like a war zone, then it went head-on to the island of Barbuda (Antigua and Barbuda), when the eye of the storm passed Barbuda it rendered it barely habitable and cut it off from the rest of the world.
Later the storm whirled along the unincorporated US territory of Puerto Rico, then the Dominican Republic and Haiti on the island of Hispaniola and on to the British Turks and Caicos Islands. Just hours later it hit Cuba, with disastrous consequences for the people of the northern coast of the largest island in the Caribbean.

From Cuba the storm moved north at a speed of 6 to 8 mph, in direction of Florida, it made landfall in Cudjoe Key, to wreak havoc on the low lying islands of the western Florida Keys.

Meanwhile downgraded to a Category 2 tropical storm Irma crushed down on the peninsula of Florida itself. The storm made landfall on Sunday (9/10) and ravaged the Sunshine State for one very long night and a day.

More than six million people in Florida have been requested to leave their homes and to go to public shelters, the largest evacuation ever in US history has converted the cities in parts of Florida into ghost towns. People on the run from the hurricane streamed northward in packed vehicles, causing major congestions, downright horror traffic jams, until now only known from Hollywood flicks.

Hurricane Irma over FloridaHurricane Irma looming over Florida, and yes it was huge, really huge and not good, really not good, believe me.
Image: Google Earth
Public shelters in the region were crammed, people were waiting for hours in front of stadiums, arenas and other 'save' facilities.

Even so Irma has been downgraded to a Category 2 tropical storm, strong force winds were lashing out for the whole state. It was feared that storm surges could reach 10-15 feet (3-4.5 m) at the south western coast of Florida. Storm surges are a hurricane's greatest threat to coastal communities. Even Florida's major cities like Jacksonville, Miami, Miami Beach, Orlando, Tampa and Tallahassee were not really save havens.

Emergency calls
During Hurricane Irma and its aftermath, use 911 for emergencies, not Twitter, experts say.

Florida Emergency Information: 1-800-342-3557
Emergency referral line: 211
Red Cross Issues Safety and Preparedness Tips
Voice of NOAA's National Weather Service

Tropical Cyclones
A hurricane or a tropical cyclone is a more or less localized, very intense low-pressure wind system, forming over tropical (warm) oceans with winds of hurricane force, accompanied by torrential rain and howling noises people described it as insane or apocalyptic.

Tropical cyclones are fueled by vast areas of warm surface waters of around 26°C or more. A tropical cyclone is classified as a hurricane when its sustained winds run at least 74 mph (33 m/s; 64 kn; or 119 km/h), this is just Category 1. Find out more about IRMA at the US National Hurricane Center.

99+ of the world's most amazing countries

Check out the top up-and-coming travel destinations for 2018.

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Take a look at the most mind-blowing places on this planet and update your bucket list. This site offers you more open space for top-notch adventures, take your lucky break at blinged-out locations and get some colorful glimpses into foreign customs and traditions, you might catch some new perspectives and probably expand your horizon for ever.

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Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada
Tower Bridge, London, UK, Diliff
United Kingdom
Statue of Liberty, New York, United States
United States
Tren a las Nubes, Salta Province, Argentina
Hong Kong Skyline - Van Gulik
Hong Kong
Castillo San Felipe del Morro, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico
Taipei City with Taipei 101 tower
Panama City skyline
Doha skyline, Qatar
Uluru or Ayers Rock, Australia
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Canal Grande, Venice, Italy
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Great Sphinx of Giza, Egypt
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United Arab Emirates
Stirling-Falls, Milford Sound, New Zealand
New Zealand
Taj Mahal, Agra, India
Elephants in Mole National Park, Ghana
Kaaba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia
Cliffs of Moher, Ireland
Satellite view of Sundarbans, Bangladesh
Chichen Itza, Mexico
Wat Phra Kaew, Bangkok, Thailand
Cathedral of the Resurrection, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey
Face of Gal Vihara, Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka
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Laguna de Apoyo, volcanic lake, Nicaragua
Seoraksan National Park, South Korea
South Korea
Aerial view of Eleuthera Glass Window Bridge, Bahamas
The Bahamas
Moon Valley Chile
Salar de Uyuni salt flat, Bolivia
Prasat Bayon temple, Angkor, Cambodia
Le Morne Brabant peninsula, Mauritius
Cattles, Austrian Alps, Austria
Kalandula Waterfalls, Angola
Temple Mount and Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, Israel
Kukenán and Roraima table mounts, Venezuela
Mefjorden, Norway
Bachalpsee (lake), Berner-Oberland, Switzerland
Windmills of Kinderdijk, Netherlands
The Netherlands
Baobabs near Morondava, Madagascar
Mamanuca islands, Fiji
Volcano Arenal, La Fortuna, Costa Rica
Costa Rica
Benin Tata somba village
Desert Timimoun, Algeria
Gamla Stan Stockholm, Sweden
Ratana-Pon Pagoda, Mrauk U, Myanmar
Myanmar - Burma
Lagos Nigeria
Rwenzori Mountains National Park, Uganda
Atomium, Brussels, Belgium
Santorini island, Greece
Castle Pieskowa Skala near Krakow, Poland
Swayambhunath Stupa, Kathmandu, Nepal
Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, Denmark
Pointe des Almadies, Dakar, Senegal
Lisbon, capital city of Portugal
Skyline of Manama capital city of Bahrain
Bran Castle, Romania
Wadi Rum, Jordan
Saksaywaman ruins, Peru
National Theatre, Havana, Cuba
Giraffe at Lake Manyara, Tanzania
Lake Bled, Bled island, Slovenia
Fasil Ghebbi Palace, Ethiopia
Typical Dominica landscape
Larnaca Salt Lake, Cyprus
Faisal Mosque, Islamabad, Pakistan - Ali Mujtaba
Antigua, Guatemala
Taktshang Monastry, Tiger's Nest, Bhutan
Dunes in Namib Naukluft Park, Namibia
Maldives beach
Oulanka National Park, Finland
Tribal dancers, Goroka, Eastern Highlands, Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea
Saint James, Jamaica
Flame Towers, Baku, Azerbaijan
Grand Harbour Marina, Valletta, Malta
Ait Benhaddou, Morocco
Yap History Museum, Federated States of Micronesia
Gnus and Zebras in Maasai Mara, Kenya
Iceland Skógafoss waterfall
Cotopaxi volcano, Ecuador
Great Blue Hole in Belize
Naadam Festival Mongolia
Croatia Dubrovnik
Santa Ana volcano, El Salvador
El Salvador
Mount Mulanje in Malawi
Fort al-Jalali, Old Muscat, Oman

Potaro River and Kaieteur Falls in Guyana

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