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A virtual travel guide to Bahrain an island nation in the Middle East, the archipelago consists of the main island Al Bahrayn and some small islands and islets. The island state is situated in the Arabian Gulf, east of Saudi Arabia.
With an area of 741 sq km Bahrain is slightly bigger than Singapore (699 sq km), or 3.5 times the size of Washington, DC.

Read on to get an overview of Bahrain's art, culture, people, environment, geography, history, economy and government.

Bahrain shares maritime borders with: Iran, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia


Kingdom of Bahrain | Al Bahrayn

Country Profile

Bahrain Flag
Flag of Bahrain

Bahrain's small size and central location among Persian Gulf countries require it to play a delicate balancing act in foreign affairs among its larger neighbors. Facing declining oil reserves, Bahrain has turned to petroleum processing and refining and has transformed itself into an international banking center. The new amir, installed in 1999, has pushed economic and political reforms and has worked to improve relations with the Shi'a community. In February 2001, Bahraini voters approved a referendum on the National Action Charter - the centerpiece of the amir's political liberalization program. In February 2002, Amir HAMAD bin Isa Al Khalifa proclaimed himself king. In October 2002, Bahrainis elected members of the lower house of Bahrain's reconstituted bicameral legislature, the National Assembly.

In 2001, the International Court of Justice awarded the Hawar Islands, long disputed with Qatar, to Bahrain.
(Source: CIA - The World Factbook)

other Gulf States: Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates

Bahrain is a member state of the League of Arab States
Where in the Middle East is Bahrain?

Official Name:
Mamlakat al Bahrayn
short form: Al Bahrayn
int'l long form: Kingdom of Bahrain
int'l short form: Bahrain

ISO Country Code: bh

Local Time = UTC +3h
Actual Time: Wed-May-25  04:23

Country Calling Code: +973

Capital City: Manama (pop. 148 000)

Other Cities: Al Muharraq

Type: Constitutional hereditary monarchy.
Independence: 15 August 1971 (from the UK).

Location: an archipelago of 33 islands in the Persian Gulf located off the eastern coast of Saudi Arabia.
Area: 741 kmĀ² ( 286 sq. mi.)
Terrain: Low desert plain.

Climate: Arid; mild, pleasant winters with maximum temperatures average 20-30C (68-86F); very hot and humid from May-September, with average highs ranging from 30-40 C (86-104 F).

Nationality: Bahraini(s).
Population: 1,23 million, including 666,000 non-nationals (2010 Census)
GNI per capita PPP: $ 19 748 (year)
Ethnic groups: Bahraini 63%, Asian 19%, other Arab 10%, Iranian 8%.
Religions: 98% Muslim (Shi'a 70%, Sunni 30%), small Christian, Jewish and Hindu communities.
Languages: Arabic (official), English, Farsi, and Urdu are also widely spoken.
Literacy: 90%

Natural resources: Oil, natural gas, fish, pearls.

Agriculture products: Fruit, vegetables; poultry, dairy products; shrimp, fish.

Industries: Petroleum processing and refining, aluminum smelting, iron pelletization, fertilizers, offshore banking, ship repairing; tourism.

Currency: Bahraini Dinar (BHD)

Bahrain in Figures
Bahrain kaey statistical data.

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Official Sites of Bahrain

Bahrain Government Homepage.

Diplomatic Missions
Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain
Washington D.C. - USA
ABahrain Embassies Abroad and Embassies accredited to Bahrain
Llist of Bahrain Embassies abroad and foreign Diplomatic Missions accredited to Bahrain.


Map of Bahrain
Political Map of Bahrain.

Google Earth Google Earth Map Bahrain
Searchable map and satellite view of Bahrain.

Google Earth Google Earth Map Manama
Searchable map and satellite view of Bahrain's capital city.
Map of Northern Africa and the Middle East
Political Map of of North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and the Middle East.
profile Map of Western Asia
Map of South Western Asia and the Middle East region.

Bahrain News

Bahrain News Agency
State run news agency.

Bahrain News (Arabic)
Bahrain at Middle East News Online
Bahrain related news.
Bahrain Tribune
Daily News.
Gulf Daily News
The voice of Bahrain.
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Arts & Culture

Bahrain Arts Society
Non-profit cultural organization shows some artworks made by Bahrain artists.

Bahrain House of Photography
Site has a gallery of Bahrain photos by Abdulla Alkhan.

Time Out Bahrain
Lifestyle magazine.

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Business & Economy

Ministry of Commerce
Official website of the ministry.

Banks and Institutions
Bahrain Monetary Agency
BMA is the central bank and single regulator for the financial services industry in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
Bank of Bahrain & Kuwait
National Bank of Bahrain
Bahrain Stock Exchange

Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Official website of the chamber.
Bahrain Convention & Exhibition Bureau
Provides information about Bahrain as well as about trade fairs, exhibitions and events.

Bahrain Promotion & Marketing Board
Has some business information on Bahrain.

Bahrain Yellow Pages

Bahrain Information Portal.

Bahrain Products

Economic Development Board
A gateway to investment opportunities in Bahrain.

Aluminium Bahrain (ALBA)
Bahrain National Gas Company

Bahrain Yellow Pages

Gulf Air
The national airline of the kingdom.
Bahrain International Airport
Supports the economic development of Bahrain.


Destination Bahrain - Travel and Tour Guides

Discover Bahrain: Arabic Coffee & Hospitality, the Souks, Siyadi House, Al-Khamis Mosque, Bahrain Fort, Barbar Temple, Bahrain Heritage Center, Bait Al Qur'an, Arad Fort, Shaikh Isa's House, Tree of Life, Riffa Fort., Oil Museum.

Bahrain Tourism
Discover Bahrain.

Bahrain Information Portal.

Durrat Al Bahrain
Bahrain's island cities.

Hotels in Bahrain
Find a Hotel in Bahrain.

Travel and Tour Consumer Information


Arabian Gulf University
The University for the Arabian Gulf region.

Gulf University
Official website of the university.

University of Bahrain
University of Bahrain page provides also information on Bahrain.


Environment & Nature

Alreem Environmental Site
Biodiversity, nature and environment in the Gulf region.


Bahrain History
Outline of Bahrain's History by Bahrain Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

History of Bahrain
Wikipedia History of Bahrain.

Additional Information on Bahrain

Arab web resources

Human Rights
Amnesty International: Bahrain
Amnesty International Reports.
Human Rights Watch: Bahrain

Press Freedom
Reporters sans frontières - Bahrain
Report about Press freedom in the country.

Country Profiles:
BBC News Country Profile: Bahrain
FAO: Bahrain
UN Food and Agriculture Organization.
FCO: Bahrain
A UK Foreign Office country profile.
Human Rights Watch: Bahrain
Open Directory: Bahrain Bahrain

UNDP - Human Development Indicators: Bahrain

Wikipedia: Bahrain

Worldbank Data: Bahrain

The World Factbook -- Bahrain 

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