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the third planet (counted outward from its sun), it is not the largest but in fact the most dense of the nine eight planets in this Solar System, and it is the only one with some kind of intelligent life.

To human beings, Earth is known as the 'World', the whole shebang of this planet, the land, oceans, people, and most important, the weather. For humans nearly all things in the 'world' happen on land, exceptions are only some holiday activities: cruises, diving, surfing and expeditions using sailing vessels.

For many people the world begins just outside their neighborhood, and they call it, out of habit, afield.

Until recently large parts of the World were inapprehensible for most of its inhabitants.

But now there is an increasingly expanding network of means of transport, high speed trains, affordable flights, newly built airports, cruise ships, and - sub-orbital space tourism in the near future. This means you can move about Earth, discover countries, cities and quite unfamiliar cultures which may threaten your own beliefs. But go ahead, explore, learn, observe with an open mind, it will certainly change your point of view.

And, there is the Internet, a kind of magic communication device, you don't have to leave your field anymore, you can stay in your comfort zone and explore the world from there. Just ask the great, great GOOGLE a question and HE will answer it, easy as that, plain vanilla.

And while you're exploring more and more premises of Earth, you might ask yourself, does it make sense?

Actually, we think maybe not, but who are we?
An example, this is lyrics from the 21st century: Skyfall is where we start - A thousand miles and poles apart - Where worlds collide and days are dark - You may have my number, you can take my name - But you'll never have my heart.

I'm sorry, what is number and what is heart?

Another one: I died a hundred times.
Amy Winehouse sang her song 'Back To Black' some times ago, before she died - once, or maybe she was telling the truth.

The examples above are part of human communication, the messages were repeated for some times all over the planet, over and over again, OK, not so much anymore, something trumped it, I don't know what.

Whatever, what I've learned when I visited this planet: the truth is like poetry. And most people here don't like poetry.

So you see, sorry we do NOT (not yet =) have an answer whether anything makes sense (wait to find out more in our next sequel, coming soon, really), but read on, and maybe You will find THE answer (forget 42, it was just a close approach, or a near miss).

Until then let's try to be nice to each other, and think about it, - you are able to read/understand this, this should give you a headstart.

By the way, while you're traveling this site and you realize that you really don't like it, please avoid to click on any advertisement, because by doing so, it would help us being online much longer.
fu dao"In the most basic sense, the purpose of life is being - as opposed to not being."


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