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___ Countries of Australia and Oceania

The "continent" of Australia/Oceania is a somewhat artifical construct, designed to link together the continental landmass of Australia with the huge number of widely scattered islands across the Pacific Ocean.

Area: 8 600,000 km2 (3 300,000 mi2)
Population: 37 million
Highest Point: Puncak Jaya (Carstensz Pyramid 4884 m/16 023 ft), Papua Province, Indonesia
Largest Lake: Lake Eyre, Australia (if there is some water)
Longest River: Murray-Darling river system 3750 km (2300 mi)

Map of Australia/Oceania
Reference Map of the Australia/Oceania region.

profile Languages of Oceania: Melanesian pidgin, Melanesian-Polynesian Languages, English, French.

Flags of Australia and Oceania

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Mount Ruapehu
Mount Ruapehu, New Zealand - Image: NASA

States of Australia and Oceania

Australia/New Zealand

Map Capital City - Largest City
Australia 22,400,000 Map of Australia Canberra - Sydney
New Zealand 4,400,000 Map of New Zealand Wellington - Auckland

Melanesia - the islands in the southwestern part of Oceania.

  Country Population Map Capital City
Fiji 900,000   Suva
New Caledonia 300,000   Nouméa
Papua New Guinea 6,800,000 Map of Papua New Guinea Port Moresby
Solomon Islands 500,000   Honiara
Vanuatu 200,000   Port-Vila

Map of Melanesia
Reference Map of Melanesia.

Micronesia, the islands in the northwestern part of Oceania.

  Country Population Map Capital City
Guam 200,000 Map of Guam Hagåtña (Agana)
Hawaii flag Hawaii 1,300,000 Map of Hawaii Honolulu
Kiribati 100,000   Tarawa
Marshall Islands 100,000   Majuro
Micronesia (Federated States of) 100,000   Palikir
Nauru 12,000   ---
Northern Mariana Islands 78 000   Saipan
Palau 20 000   Ngerulmud, Melekeok

Map of Micronesia
Reference Map of Micronesia.

Polynesia, the islands in the eastern part of Oceania.

  Country Population Map Capital City
American Samoa 68 000 Tutuila Map Pago Pago
Cook Islands 20 000   Avarua
French Polynesia (Tahiti) 300,000   Papeete
Niue 2 000   Alofi
Pitcairn >100   Adamstown
Samoa 200,000 Map of Samoa Apia
Tonga 100,000   Nuku'alofa
Tuvalu 10,000   Funafuti

Map of Polynesia
Reference Map of Polynesia.

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