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___ Capital Cities of Australia/Oceania

Aerial view of Wellington, capital of New-Zealand
Aerial view of Wellington, capital of New-Zealand.
Image: Phillip Capper

Capital Cities in Australia/Oceania

In the South Pacific regions there are the most unknown capitals of the world, or do you know Apia or Melekeok or Palikir?
On this page you will find the capital cities of Australia/Oceania with figures of the city proper population* of the capitals.

Have a look at the cities from space, for each city there is a searchable map and satellite view, additionally you will find links to the official city site (if available) and more information about a city. Many nations of the South Pacific are developing countries with a less developed internet infrastructure, therefore there are
less capitals of Oceania/Australia online.

The country links lead you to the respective country profile page.

* City proper is a locality with legally fixed boundaries and an administratively recognized urban status that is usually characterized by some form of local government.

City of Noumea
Noumea, capital of New Caledonia.
Image: [email protected]
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Capital Cities and States of Australia/Oceania

Capital City

Map/Satellite View

Adamstown   60    Pitcairn
Alofi   ? Niue
Apia Google Earth Apia Map 32,000    Samoa
Avarua   12,000    Cook Islands
Canberra Google Earth Canberra Map 347,000    Australia
Hagåtña (Agana) Google Earth Hagåtña Map 1,100    Guam
Funafuti (Fongafale) Google Earth Funafuti Map 4,600    Tuvalu
Honiara Google Earth Honiara Map 30,000    Solomon Islands
Majuro Google Earth Majuro Map 27,000    Marshall Islands
Melekeok   ? Palau
Nouméa Google Earth Nouméa Map 76,200    New Caledonia
Nuku'alofa Google Earth Nuku'alofa Map 19,000    Tonga
Pago Pago Google Earth Pago Pago 3,600    American Samoa
Palikir Google Earth Palikir Map ? Micronesia
Papeete Google Earth Papeete Map 24,000    French Polynesia (Tahiti)
Port Moresby Google Earth Port Moresby Map 18,0000    Papua New Guinea
Port-Vila Google Earth Port-Vila Map 19,000    Vanuatu
Saipan Google Earth Saipan ? Northern Mariana Islands
Suva Google Earth Suva Map 75,000    Fiji
Tarawa** (Bairiki)   25,380    Kiribati ( Kiribas )
Wellington (Te Whanganui-a-Tara) Google Earth Wellington Map 155,000    New Zealand
Population Source: United Nations Statistics Division
**Figures are for Urban Agglomeration population
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