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__ The most populated cities in the United States

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Lists of U.S. cities with the most inhabitants for the latest available year (reference year 2000).
Ranked by data for the city proper1 and for the urban agglomeration2.
Links of the cities open a page with a satellite view and map of the city.
The three most populated cities in the US are: New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

The Largest Cities of the U.S.
Cities ranked by city proper population
City Name (State)
New York (New York) 8,008,278
Los Angeles (California) 3,694,820
Chicago (Illinois) 2,896,016
Houston (Texas) 1,953,631
Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) 1,517,550
Phoenix (Arizona) 1,321,045
San Diego (California) 1,223,400
Dallas (Texas) 1,188,580
San Antonio (Texas) 1,144,646
Detroit (Michigan) 951,270
San Jose* (California) 894,943
Indianapolis (Indiana) 781,870
San Francisco (California) 776,733
Jacksonville (Florida) 735,617
Columbus (Ohio) 711,470
Austin (Texas) 656,562
Baltimore* (Maryland's) 651,154
Memphis (Tennessee) 650,100
Milwaukee (Wisconsin) 596,974
Boston (Massachusetts) 589,141
Washington (DC) 572,059
El Paso (Texas) 563,662
Seattle (Washington) 563,374
Denver (Colorado) 554,636
Nashville-Davidson (Tennessee) 545,524
Charlotte (North Carolina) 540,828
Fort Worth* (Texas) 534,694
Portland (Oregon) 529,121
Oklahoma City (Oklahoma) 506,132
Tucson (Arizona) 486,699
New Orleans (Louisiana) 484,674
Las Vegas (Nevada) 478,434
Long Beach* (California) 461,522
Cities ranked by urban agglomeration population.
City Name (State) Inhabitants
New York (New York) 21,199,865
Los Angeles (California) 16,373,645
Chicago (Illinois) 9,157,540
Washington (DC) 7,608,070
San Francisco (California) 7,039,362
Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) 6,188,463
Boston (Massachusetts) 5,819,100
Detroit (Michigan) 5,456,428
Dallas (Texas) 5,221,801
Houston (Texas) 4,669,571
Atlanta (Georgia) 4,112,198
Miami (Florida) 3,876,380
Seattle (Washington) 3,554,760
Phoenix (Arizona) 3,251,876
Minneapolis (Minnesota) 2,968,806
Cleveland (Ohio) 2,945,831
San Diego (California) 2,813,833
St Louis (Missouri) 2,603,607
Denver (Colorado) 2,581,506
Tampa (Florida) 2,395,997
Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) 2,358,695
Portland (Oregon) 2,265,223
Sacramento (California) 1,796,857
Kansas City (Missouri) 1,776,062
Milwaukee (Wisconsin) 1,689,572
Orlando (Florida) 1,644,561
Indianapolis (Indiana) 1,607,486
San Antonio (Texas) 1,592,383
Norfolk (Virginia) 1,569,541
Las Vegas (Nevada) 1,563,282
Columbus (Ohio) 1,540,157
Charlotte (North Carolina) 1,499,293
New Orleans (Louisiana) 1,337,726

New York City - Big Apple
* Baltimore (MD) is included in urban agglomeration of Washington, D.C.
* Fort Worth (Texas) is included in urban agglomeration of Dallas.
* Long Beach (California) is included in urban agglomeration of Los Angeles.
* San Jose (California) is included in urban agglomeration of San Francisco.

1 City proper is defined as a locality with legally fixed boundaries and an administratively recognized urban status that is usually characterized by some form of local government.

2 Urban agglomeration has been defined as comprising the city or town proper and also the suburban fringe or thickly settled territory lying outside of, but adjacent to the city boundaries.

Data source: United Nations Statistics Division - Citydata, December 2002

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