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A hundred years ago, in the beginning of the 20th century the entire world population was less than 2 billion people.
Today, in 2013, the current world population has exceeded 7 billions (7,123,500,000).

The world’s population is growing by 200,000 people a day!, but death and birth rates have declined over the past several decades. (World Bank)

Some Demographic Data for the Countries and Regions of the World.
Top 20 World Population
The most populated countries of the world.

Population Density
Countries with the highest population density. 

World Population by Continents

  Continent Human Beings (millions)   Year  




Northern Asia (Russia)
Western Asia
South Central Asia
South East Asia
East Asia



Northern Africa
Western Africa
Middle Africa (Central Africa)
Eastern Africa
Southern Africa


The Americas and the Caribbean

North America
Central America
South America



Northern Europe
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
Southern Europe



To find world population by countries click here.
updated: April 2012 - Source: 2011/2012 World Population Data Sheet - Population Reference Bureau (World Population Data Sheet)

Top 20 World Population

The most populated countries of the world.
  Country Human Beings (in millions)   Capital City
China 1,347   Beijing
India 1,241   Delhi
United States 312   Washington D.C.
Indonesia 238   Jakarta
Brazil 197   Brasilia
Pakistan 177   Islamabad
Nigeria 162   Abuja
Bangladesh 151   Dhaka
Russia 143   Moscow
Japan 128   Tokyo
Mexico 115   Mexico City
Philippines 96   Manila
Viet Nam (Vietnam) 88   Hanoi
Ethiopia 87   Addis Ababa
Germany 81.8   Berlin
Egypt 82.6   Cairo
Iran 78   Tehran
Turkey 74   Ankara
Thailand 69.5   Bangkok
Congo, Democratic Republic of 67.8   Kinshasa
France 63.3   Paris
United Kingdom 62.7   London
Italy 60.8   Rome
updated: April 2012 - Source: 2011 World Population Data Sheet - Population Reference Bureau

Population Density

Countries with the highest population density.

World Population Map
World Population Map (Map Source: Population Reference Bureau (PRB))

 Countries by Population Density - Most Densely Populated Nations

The population density is calculated from the country's population and the land surface area of the country (population by square kilometer (km²)). Not recognized in this list are countries with a high population density even though the country has a great surface area, but big parts of the land are unhabitable due to deserts, mountain ranges, jungle and swamplands or land that is permanently covered in snow or ice.

  Country Population / km²   Capital City
  World 51
Macao SAR 18,534 Macao
Monaco 18,185 Monaco
Singapore 7,565 Singapore
Hong Kong SAR 6,488 Hong Kong
Gibraltar 4,559 --
Bahrain 1,925 Manama
Vatican City 1,877 Vatican City
Malta 1,304 Valletta
Bermuda 1,226 Hamilton
Sint Maarten 1,101 Philipsburg
Maldives 1,091 Malé
Bangladesh 1,046 Dhaka
  Channel Islands 804 St. Helier/St. Peter Port
Palestinian Territory 692 (Jerusalem)
Taiwan 644 Taipei
Barbados 637 Bridgetown
Mauritius 630 Port Louis
San Marino 524 San Marino
Korea, South 492 Seoul
Nauru 485 (Yaren District)
Puerto Rico 450 San Juan
Tuvalu 431 Funafuti
Lebanon 410 Beirut
Netherlands 402 Amsterdam

updated: April 2012, Sources: 2011 World Population Data Sheet - Population Reference Bureau (World Population Data Sheet)
United Nations Population Division
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 Population by Countries
List of population figures for all countries.

 Global Village, Earth as a village of 100 people
Have a look at the international community.

Population by continents:
Africa The Americas Asia Australia/Oceania Europe

Most populated cities of the world
Human Development Index (HDI)
Countries by standards of the UN Human Development Index.
First, Second and Third World

Countries by Gross National Income
Countries in comparison of their gross national income based on purchasing-power-parity (PPP) per capita in Int'l Dollars.

 Sovereign Debt and Credit Rating of Countries
How indepted are countries.

World Resources Report 2008
1. Population and Human Well-Being
Table of core indicators on population, health, education, poverty, infant mortality, and HIV/AIDS prevalence by countries.
2. Food and Water
The Food and Water table contains four core indicators: Intensity of Agricultural Inputs, Food Security and Nutrition, Fisheries Production and Water Resources.

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