Big Bang, The Day Without Yesterday
This artist's impression shows the Big Bang at point zero of the primordial universe. The Day Without Yesterday.
According to the leading physicists of the 20th and 21st century, our universe came into existence about 13.8 billion years ago as an infinitesimally small (10−20 times smaller than the diameter of a proton), unimaginably hot (1032 Kelvin) and incredibly dense concentration of pure energy.
Before this event, there was nothing - no-thing, timeless - literally, no space, eventually some quantum fluctuations - yet pretty boring.

But after the incident, the universe had no time to lose. A hundredth of a billionth of a trillionth of a trillionth of a second old, space expanded from subatomic size to the size of a ping-pong ball, almost instantaneously. And never stopped growing. Shortly after, the nucleosynthesis kicks in. During the first ten or twenty minutes in the life of our universe, the light elements hydrogen, helium, and lithium were created. But still, the universe was a pretty dark place for the next 380,000 years. Enough time for ionized atoms of hydrogen and helium to attract electrons, turning them into neutral atoms - which allowed light to travel freely for the very first time (there is a first time for everything). Space was no longer opaque! But it took another few hundred million years for the first shining stars to be born - and that dramatically changed the view of the universe. Let there be light!

Image: kk.

hello world
Hello World

Where do we go from here?

Are you confused by all the conflicting messages that rush at us daily? You are not alone.

But be aware that this also happens to less educated people (like me) who are even less able to understand what interests are behind these messages.
Many people feel more and more helpless or ignore the obvious and run to the next strong man.
How can this be avoided in the future?

Education could help. Give the next generation a better chance. Teach them critical thinking, make them understand the connections.

Trump celebrates his impeachment acquittal in 2020
"We went through hell, unfairly. We did nothing wrong." Trump loves to use the pluralis majestatis, not only on the 6th February 2020 when he celebrated his impeachment acquittal.
Image: PBS

Never Again

If Republicans had impeached Donald Trump in February 2020, the storming of the Capitol would never have happened.

The single-term ex-president Donald Trump is being tried for impeachment in the US Senate for a second time; the reason: incitement of insurrection.

The world witnessed the storming of the U.S. Capitol by a right-wing mob and followers of a twisted conspiracy cult, Qanon.
The world also witnessed then-President Donald Trump spreading his own conspiracy theory that the election was rigged, only if he lost it, of course.

And Trump lost it, first the election and then his temper. We all saw how he incited his supporters for weeks. He claimed again and again that they had stolen the election from him. They, the Democtrats, the left, the media, and of cause, Antifa.
He even branded his vice president a traitor.

Still, 44 of 50 Republican senators, elected representatives, opposed impeachment proceedings against Trump. They are like the Three Monkeys: No see, no hear, no speak. Many of these representatives of the people were notably absent at the trial, while the prosecution presented its compelling evidence.
These representatives should know that the American people are not that stupid and will hold them accountable.


Capitol Hill Riots

On Wednesday, January 6, a predominantly right-wing mob trumpled basic democratic values and the U.S. Constitution in a media-savvy manner when it stormed the Capitol in Washington DC.

The cavalry that could have stopped the mob had taken an amazing amount of time to intervene and support the outnumbered troops on the ground.

Capitol Hill Riots
We were just following orders, Your Honor.
No, nobody told us to wear a mask, sir.

Image: jim lo scalzo/EPA
US BROTHERS: insanity
The US Brothers on a mission from God


Wanted by the FBI for attempted Election Fraud
FBI search, which unfortunately will never take place like this.

Massive Election Fraud

Massive Election Fraud by Republican members of the House of Representatives.

At least 140 Republican members of the House of Representatives planned to vote against certifying the Electoral College vote on Jan. 6 in an effort to overturn the results of the November presidential election.

They have repeatedly tried to eliminate millions of votes from Democrats. Then-President Trump even used curses and threats in an hour-long phone call to pressure Georgia's Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to overturn the election results.

This is a crime against democracy and will be severely punished -- but unfortunately not in America.

A surprisingly large number of Republicans still don't get it, Trump is and remains a loser, and they are definitely backing the wrong horse.

The good news is I just heard Van Jones say, "Our democracy is working," and that's a great statement from a black American news commentator, bestselling author, and lawyer.



Earth west Earth
Image: kk. origin: jpl.nasa

The Heart Breaking News
Organic life on Earth will bite the dust if we do not stop feeding the planet with greenhouse gases. Sorry, there is no beautiful clean coal or clean petrol - only if it stays where it is.

Biodiversity Crisis
Scientists have calculated that by the end of this century at least 550 animal species will follow in the footsteps of the mammoth and the sabre-toothed cat and will become extinct because humans exert an immense predatory impact on the animal kingdom. (Science Advances)

Japanese pollution
According to media reports, Japan is about to release 1 million tons of radioactive water from the destroyed Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant into the sea. (DW)

Torched Earth
Image: NASA Blue Marble
Deadly typhoons in the Northwest Pacific Ocean, devastating wildfires in Australia, Siberia, and the United States, hurricanes are making land-fall with disastrous consequences, and poisonous pollution all over the planet. The oceans suffocate from plastic waste, and madmen promote beautiful clean coal, and they want to sell their "Black Gold" -- oil.

This is our world, thanks to you. Because you can't get enough. There is your limitless greed. My houses, my cars, my boats, my stocks, my women, but it's not enough for you. You want your neighbors' houses, and cars, and boats, and stocks, and wives. And it's still not enough. You just can't get enough.

More, more, more, give it to ME.
You want it all, and you want it now. And you don't give a damn sh..t about others, or your country, or about the environment, or about the children of others. You cheat and twist the facts until they are no longer recognizable, and you ruin others just to satisfy your appetite for more power and influence. You wear expensive fashion brands and ignore that they are made by indentured laborers in a faraway land. You ship your garbage to Third World countries, but you couldn't care less about the fatal consequences for the people there. You ignore the fact that it is ultimately these people who make your luxury life possible.
But this has to stop. And if you get in the way when people try to save the planet, you could get hurt, not necessarily by other people but by the consequences of your behavior. Air and water no longer support life; fires, floods, landslides, tornadoes, devastating hailstorms will come ever closer to your luxurious home with its golden faucets and five cars in the garage. And one day, it will be too late to run away.


BLM - a tribute to Black Music
Why is it that people with darker skin color are still victims of racial discrimination, harassment, and violent attacks?
See our (incomplete) list of black musicians, singers, and songwriters, intended to remind us how much they have influenced the fabric of our global culture.

Statue of Liberty with mask
Statue of Liberty leading the people
It is your social contribution to wear a mask.
Be a hero, wear a mask. It has never been so easy to save lives.

World map of countries with COVID-19 cases
Historical map of countries with confirmed COVID-19 cases.

The number of cases is frightening, but it could get much worse; only 0.6% of the world population is affected by COVID-19 today. The virus took only three months to spread around the world and the number of cases is still rising.

 No-UPDATE  - (Lack of reliable data - and the pandemic is rampant)
According to Johns Hopkins University, the worldwide number of confirmed Covid-19 cases is now more than 97 million.
See a map of the world with all countries with confirmed cases and more information about the virus outbreak (from April 2020).

The countries with the most cases (in million) are USA (24.6 M), India (10.6 M), Brazil (8.6 M), Russia (3.6 M), United Kingdom (3.5 M), Spain (2.4 m), France (3 M), Italy (2.4 M), Turkey (2.4), Germany (2.1 m),
Source: Johns Hopkins University

Global Travel Warnings. Many countries have initiated or strengthened border controls, introduced visas, and quarantine obligations or closed borders completely.

The meaning behind the words

Liberal - Origin from the French libéral < Latin liberalis = liberal; bountiful; noble, to: liber = free
translate to enlightened; free-thinking; free-spirited; tolerant; liberal; unprejudiced; unbiased; and informal.

Democratic - based on the principles of democracy, acting according to the principles of democracy; striving for democracy; liberal, and non-authoritarian. Origin from Greek dēmokratía = People's power, a system of government by the whole population.

Radical - relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something; far-reaching or thorough. Origin from late Middle English (in the senses 'forming the root': from late Latin radicalis, from Latin radix, radic- 'root.'
As such, a radical democrat is someone striving thorough for democracy.

Progressive - relating to, or characterized by progress.
Synonyms are avant-garde; emancipated; developed; progressive; moving with the times; modern; trend-setting; groundbreaking; contemporary. Origin from French progressive, to: progrès = the progression < Latin progressus =progress, progression

Antifa - an anti-fascist action and left-wing political movement in the United States and Europe. The origin of the term was the opposition to (Nazi) fascism in Germany during and immediately after the Second World War. (German, shortened from Antifaschismus)

Fascist - a person who is extremely right-wing or authoritarian.

Fascism - a form of right-wing extremist, authoritarian, extremely racist and nationalist government. Fascism is characterized by the dictatorial exercise of power through the violent suppression of the opposition, freedom of the press, and freedom of expression, and strict regulation of society.

Dictator - a ruler with total power over a country, typically one who has gained control by force, suspending civil liberties and eliminating political opposition.

Inspirational Quote of the Week
Anyone who lies for a living is dangerous.
Alastair Reynolds - Chasm City

The advice of the time
Don't trust anyone who says that "everyone knows this".

Basic rules
The Big Bang was a soundless and dark affair, the universe is flat, the earth is a sphere (kind of), and gravity works around the clock.


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