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A virtual guide to Mozambique. Get an overview of Mozambique's art, culture, people, environment, geography, history, economy and its government.
Beside a country profile with facts and figures, this page offers maps, statistics, weather information, and links to sources that provide you with information about this Southeastern African nation, e.g.: official web sites of Mozambique, addresses of Mozambique`s and foreign embassies, domestic airlines, local news, city- and country guides with extensive travel and tourism information on accommodation, tourist attractions, events and more.


Republic of Mozambique | República de Moçambique

Country Profile

Mozambique Flag
Flag of Mozambique

Almost five centuries as a Portuguese colony came to a close with independence in 1975. Large-scale emigration by whites, economic dependence on South Africa, a severe drought, and a prolonged civil war hindered the country's development. The ruling party formally abandoned Marxism in 1989, and a new constitution the following year provided for multiparty elections and a free market economy. A UN-negotiated peace agreement with rebel forces ended the fighting in 1992.
(Source: CIA - The World Factbook)

border countries: Madagascar, Malawi, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe

related countries: Portugal
where in Africa is Mozambique
Official Name:
República de Moçambique
short form: Moçambique
int'l long form: Republic of Mozambique
int'l short form: Mozambique

ISO Country Code: mz

Local Time = UTC +2h
Actual Time: Sat-July-20  18:09

Country Calling Code: +258

Capital City: Maputo (pop. 1.2 million)

Other Cities: Beira, Matola, Nampula, Quelimane, Tete, Nacala.

Type: Multi-party democracy.
Independence: 25 June 1975 (from Portugal).
Constitution: 30 November 1990.

Location: South-eastern coast of Africa, bordering the Mozambique Channel in the Indian Ocean in west.
Area: 801,590 km² (309,495 sq. mi.)
Terrain: Varies from coastal lowlands to high plateau in northwest, mountains in west.

Climate: Varies from sub-tropical to tropical (south to north).

Nationality: Mozambican(s).
Population (2005 est.): 19.4 million.
Ethnic groups: Makua, Tsonga, Makonde, Shangaan, Shona, Sena, Ndau, and other indigenous groups, and approximately 10,000 Europeans, 35,000 Euro-Africans, and 15,000 South Asians.
Religions: Christian 30%, Muslim 17%, indigenous African and other beliefs 45%.
Languages: Portuguese (official), various indigenous languages.
Literacy: 50%

Natural resources: Coal, titanium, natural gas, hydropower, tantalum, graphite.

Agriculture products: Cotton, cashew nuts, sugarcane, tea, cassava (tapioca), corn, coconuts, sisal, citrus and tropical fruits, potatoes, sunflowers; beef, poultry.

Industries: Food, beverages, chemicals (fertilizer, soap, paints), aluminum, petroleum products, textiles, cement, glass, asbestos, tobacco.

Exports partners: Belgium 25.5%, South Africa 12.2%, Spain 11.6%, Italy 11.6%, Germany 7.7% (2005)

Imports partners: South Africa 36.3%, Australia 12.8%, India 5.1% (2005)

Currency: Metical (MZM)

Source: Mozambique Investment Promotion Center and others.

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Official Sites of Mozambique

Mozambique Official Home Page.

Presidencia da República de Mocambique
Official website of the presidency of Mozambique. (in Portuguese)

Ministério dos Negócios Estrangeiros e Cooperação
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (in Portuguese).

Diplomatic Missions
Mozambique UN Mission
Permanent Mission of the Republic of Mozambique to the United Nations.
Embassy of the Republic of Mozambique
Washington, DC

Mozambican organization that works to consolidate democracy and promote social justice.

Instituto Nacional de Estatística
The National Institute of Statistics. (in Portuguese)


profile Map of Mozambique
Political Map of Mozambique.
Google Earth Google Earth Mozambique
Searchable map/satellite view of Mozambique.
Google Earth Google Earth Maputo
Searchable map/satellite view of Mozambique's capital city.

Political Map of Africa
The 54 countries of Africa.
Map of Africa
A Relief Map of Africa.



Mozambique News Agency (AIM)
The official Mozambique News Agency (in Portuguese).
Fim de Semana
Mozambique weekly online (in Portuguese).
Weekly journal from Maputo. Mozambique
Mozambique related News.

International Mozambique News
IRIN Africa News
UN news agency.
Mail & Guardian
Leading newspaper from South Africa, covers all Africa with current information.
Mozambique News
News from Mozambique by World News Networks.

TVM - Televisão de Moçambique
State run TV station with news from Mozambique (in Portuguese).

Radio Moçambique

State run radio station provides also news headlines.
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Arts & Culture

Arms into Art
A virtual exhibition in cooperation with the artists' collective Nucleo de Arte. In workshops, members made works of art out of AK 47 machine guns, landmines and hand weapons.

Centre Culturel Franco Mozambicain de Maputo
Arts and culture of Mozambique provided by the French Mozambican Culture Center Maputo (in French and Portuguese).

Fotografia Moçambicana
The Platform of Mozambican Photographers with a photo exhibition about Mozambiquen photography from 1950 to 2001.

The World Through My Eyes
A project that helps Mozambican children learn about and experiment with photography, improving their chances of receiving scholarships at a university either in Mozambique or abroad.

Zambézia Online
Community site of the province of Zambézia.

Mozambican Band, the Good Guys music of Mozambique.
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Business & Economy

Banco de Moçambique
Central Bank of Mozambique.

Invest in Mozambique :: Investir em Moçambique - CPI
Mozambique's investment promotion center, with relevant information.
Mozlink offers a a linkages program and assistance for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) suppliers and distributors to cooperate with larger firms' supply chains.
Mozambique Export Promotion Institute
IPEX is a non-profit government organisation for the development of Mozambican exports.

KPMG Mozambique
Audit and advisory firm.
US-Mozambique Chamber of Commerce
Independent, non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of trade and investment between the United States and Mozambique.

Direcção Nacional de Minas de Moçambique
Mozambique's National Directorate of Mines.

Páginas Amarelas de Moçambique
The Yellow Pages, Official Phone Guide of Mozambique.

An aluminium smelter, the largest industrial project ever undertaken in Mozambique.

LAM, Linhas Aereas de Moçambique
The Airline of Mozambique.

Destination Mozambique - Travel and Tour Guides

Discover Mozambique: accommodation, hotels, attractions, festivals, events, tourist boards, biking, skiing, hiking, climbing, cruising, diving, tours and much more.

Ministerio do Turismo - Moçambique
Mozambique for tourists (in Portuguese).

Guia Turistico de Moçambique
Mozambique tourism guide (in Portuguese).

Island of Mozambique
UNESCO information about the island.
Ilha de Mozambique
All about the World Heritage site Island of Mozambique.
Zambézia Online
Community site with tourism information about the province of Zambézia.

A site dedicated the Moçambique, its people and its wonderful landscapes.
Mozambique Time Out
Online magazine with information on Mozambique

The Capital of Mozambique.  

Hotel Polana
The Grande Dame of Maputo.

Travel and Tour Consumer Information
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Escola Portuguesa de Moçambique
Center of Education and Portuguese Language (in Portuguese).

UCM - Universidade Católica de Moçambique
One the first private Universities in Mozambique.

Universidade Eduardo Mondlane
Eduardo Mondlane University, founded in 1962 (in Portuguese).

Environment & Nature

Fórum Empresarial para o Meio ambiente Moçambique
Enterprise Forum for sustainable development and environment Moçambique (in Portuguese).

Fórum Natureza em Perigo
FNP a NGO for the conservation of biodiversity and rural development (in Portuguese).

WWF Mozambique
WWF Programme in Mozambique supports several initiatives for the conservation of the marine environment, forestry, freshwater, training and environmental education.

Parque Nacional da Gorongosa
Site of the Gorongosa National Park.


Arquivo Histórico de Moçambique
The Histrical Archive of Mozambique (in Portuguese).

Mozambique - Histoire
Mozambique's History (in French and Portuguese).

History of Mozambique
Overview of Mozambique's history by

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