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___ Political Map of South America

South America is a continent that comprises the southern half of the American landmass, it is connected to North America by the Isthmus of Panama. The continent is located almost entirely in the Southern Hemisphere, bordered in west by the Humboldt (Peru) Current of the Pacific Ocean, in east by the Brazil Current of the South Atlantic Ocean, and in north by the Caribbean Sea.
South America is the visible part of the South American Plate, which in north meets the Caribbean Plate in the Caribbean Sea, in west the Nazca plate in the South Pacific Ocean, and in east it adjoins the African plate, which includes the continent of Africa.

Highest point in South America is Mount Aconcagua (6962 m; 22,841 ft), located in the Andes mountain range in Argentina. Major rivers are the Amazon River (Amazonas) with its tributaries Rio Madeira, Rio Negro, and Rio Xingu, Rio Magdalena, Rio Orinoco, the Tocantins River, Rio São Francisco, Rio Paraná.

With an area of 17.8 million km² it is number four in the short list of the largest continents. South America has a population of about 400 million people (2012).

The continent includes the Falkland Islands, the Galapagos Islands, and the island of Tierra del Fuego.
Located on the South American mainland are 12 independent nations and one Overseas region of France: French Guiana (Cayenne).

Countries (sovereign states) in South America (capital cities in parentheses)
Argentina (Buenos Aires) | Bolivia (La Paz) | Brazil (Brasilia) | Chile (Santiago) | Colombia (Bogotá D.C.) | Ecuador (Quito) | Guyana (Georgetown) | Paraguay (Asunción) | Peru (Lima) | Suriname (Paramaribo) | Uruguay (Montevideo) | Venezuela (Caracas), the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago (Port-of-Spain) comprising of two islands, is considered to be part of the Caribbean, but it's just off the northeastern coast of Venezuela.

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Politcal Map of South America
Political Map of South America

The map of South America shows the states of South America with national borders, national capitals, as well as major cities, rivers, and lakes.

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Cayenne; French Guiana (France)
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Ushuaia, Argentina, on Tierra del Fuego,
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