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The Prefectures of Japan

___ The most populated cities in Japan

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Big In Japan
List of cities in Japan with the most inhabitants for the latest available year (reference year 2014).
The Links will lead you to the official city page.  
Cities ranked by city proper1 population
City Name
Maps and more... Inhabitants Prefecture Region
Tokyo * Map of Tokyo 9 124 000 Tokyo Prefecture Kantō
Yokohama Map of Yokohama 3 700 000 Kanagawa Prefecture Kantō
Osaka Map of Osaka 2 684 000 Osaka Prefecture Kansai
Nagoya Map of Nagoya 2 274 000 Aichi Prefecture Chūbu (Tōkai)
Sapporo Map of Sapporo 1 919 000 Hokkaido Prefecture Hokkaido
Kobe Map of Kobe 1 545 000 Hyogo Prefecture Kansai
Fukuoka Map of Fukuoka 1 483 000 Fukuoka Prefecture Kyushu
Kyoto Map of Kyoto 1 473 000 Kyoto Prefecture Kansai
Kawasaki   1 437 000 Kanagawa Prefecture Kantō
Hiroshima   1 174 000 Hiroshima Prefecture Chūgoku (San'yō)
Sendai Map of Sendai 1 000 000 Miyagi Prefecture Tōhoku
Kitakyūshū **   964 000 Fukuoka Prefecture Kyushu
Chiba   963 000 Chiba Prefecture Kantō

*Data for city proper refer to 23 wards (ku) of the old city. The urban agglomeration figures refer to Tokyo-to (Tokyo Prefecture), comprising the 23 wards plus 14 urban counties (shi), 18 towns (machi) and 8 villages (mura). The 'Tokyo Metropolitan Area' (pop. 13 million)

If you want to know more about Tokyo Metropolis look at Megacities of the World.

**Including the wards of Kokura, Moji, Tobata, Wakamatsu and Yahata (Yawata).

1 City proper is defined as a locality with legally fixed boundaries and an administratively recognized urban status that is usually characterized by some form of local government.

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