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About Tunisia

Map is showing Tunisia, a country in North Africa, between Algeria and Libya on the Mediterranean Sea extending south into the Sahara Desert. Tunisia shares a maritime border with Italy. Depicted on the map is Tunisia with surrounding countries, international borders, the national capital Tunis, governorate capitals, cities, railroads, main roads and major airports.

Tunisia occupies an area of 163,610 km², making it the smallest country in Northern Africa, it is about two-thirds the size of the United Kingdom, or slightly larger than the US state of Georgia.

The country's landscape is mountainous in north west with the eastern extension of the Atlas Mountains, within is Jebel ech Chambi with 1,544 m the highest point in the country. Further to the east along Tunisia's eastern Mediterranean coast is a broad coastal plain, known as the Tunisian Sahel,the area is famous for its Olive cultivation. To the south lies a hot and dry central plain, the semiarid area merges into the Sahara.

Tunisia has a population of 11 million people (in 2015), capital and largest city is Tunis.

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Political Map of Tunisia
Political Map of Tunisia

Cities and Towns in Tunisia

The map shows the location of following cities in Tunisia:

Largest cities are:
Tunis (capital city), Sfax, Susah (Sousse), Kairouan, Gabès, Banzart (Bizerte), Monastir, Tataouine, Aryanah (Ariana), Gafsa

Other cities and towns:
Aïn Draham, Ben Arous, Ben-Guerdane, Béja, Chebba, Dehibat, Djebel Mdilla, El Borma, El Hamma, Enfidaville (Enfidha or Dar-el-Bey), Ferryville (Manzil Bū Ruqaybah), Gaafour, Ghardimaou, Ghdamis, Grombalia, Hammamet, Houmt Souk, Jendouba, Kalaa Kebira, Kasserine, Kebili, Kélibia, Le Kef, Mahdia, Manūbah, Manzil Bū Ruqaybah, Matfur, Matmata, Medenine, Mennzel Temine, Menzel Bou Zelfa, Metlaoui, Moknine, Msaken, Nabeul, Nefta, Remada, Sbeitla, Sidi Bouzid, Siliana, Skhira, Soliman, Souk-el Khemis, Tabarka, Tebourba, Thala, Tozeur, Zaghouan, and Zarzis.
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Satellite View and Map of Tunis

Satellite View and Map of Tunisia

Tunisia Country Profile
Tunisia in Figures
Tunisia key statistical data.

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