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___ Satellite View and Map of Roraima, Brazil

Searchable Map and Satellite View of Roraima state using Google Earth Data

Seal of RoraimaSatellite view is showing Roraima, the northernmost of the Brazilian states (estados), located in Região Norte, the North Region of Brazil. Roraima shares international borders with Venezuela and Guyana and borders the Brazilian states of Amazonas and Pará. Capital is Boa Vista, the only Brazilian capital north of the Equator, located on the west bank of the Rio Branco (White River), a tributary of the Rio Negro (Black River).

The state came into existence 1943. Together with apart of the Amazonas state Brazil's government created the territory of Rio Branco which became Roraima in 1962, named after Mt. Roraima. 26 years later in 1988 the territory became the second youngest member state in the Federation (before Tocantins).

With an area of 224,299 km² Roraima is about twice the size of Honduras or about twice the size of the U.S. state of New Mexico. Almost half of the area are Indigenous Territories (Terras Indígenas).

Roraima is sparsely populated with just 500,000 people (2012).
The southern part of the least populated state in Brazil is located in a peripheral region of the Amazon River and is covered by the Amazon rainforest, which contains the greatest biodiversity in a tropical forest in the world. In Roraima's central east there is a strip of a tropical savanna ecoregion. The north is covered by grassland.

Major rivers in the state are the Rio Branco and its main tributaries the Takutu River and the Uraricoera.
Highest point is Mount Roraima at 2,734 metres (8,970 ft.) located at the point where the boundaries of Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana meet.

Roraima lies in a tropical climate zone with a hot and humid wet season from April until September. Annual average temperatures are between 23° and 31° C.

Roraima's economy is mainly based on a variety of services, some industry, agriculture (13%) and hydroelectric power.

The Map shows Roraima with expressways and main roads (just zoom in to see more details ;∙) and the location of Boa Vista Airport (IATA Code: BVB), a main gateway to the state.

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Roraima table mountain, Roraima
Roraima (Tepuy Roraima) is the highest mountain of the Pakaraima chain, it marks the triple border point of Brazil, Guyana, and Venezuela.

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Local Time Roraima:
Thursday-June-20  19:14  
Amazon Time (AMT): UTC/GMT -4 hours
φ Latitude, λ Longitude (of Map center; move the map to see coordinates):
Google Earth: Searchable map/satellite view of Roraima, Brazil.
City Coordinates: 10°11′S 48°20′W
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