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Political Map of Israel, Middle East

The Ramon Crater in the Negev desert of Israel
The Ramon Crater (Makhtesh Ramon) is the largest erosion crater in the world. It is located in the Negev desert of Israel. On the edge of the crater lies the town of Mitzpeh Ramon.
Image: Meydan Mor Alon

About Israel

Israel Flag
The map shows Israel, (Hebrew ישראל Jisra'el), officially the State of Israel, a country in the Middle East bordering the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea. Since July 2018, according to Israeli Basic Law, the country has been defined as the nation-state of the Jewish people.

Israel borders Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and the Palestinian territories of West Bank and the Gaza Strip; it shares maritime borders with Cyprus.

The state occupies an area of 22,072 km²; this is about two-thirds the size of Belgium, or slightly larger than the US state of New Jersey.

Israel's population is constantly growing; at the beginning of 2019, Israel passed the 9 million mark. [1]
The capital and most populous city is Jerusalem; the largest conurbation is Gush Dan around the Mediterranean metropolis of Tel Aviv-Jaffa.

Map of Israel

Political Map of Israel with boreders and cities
Political Map of Israel

The map shows Israel and surrounding countries with international borders, the national capital Jerusalem, district capitals, major cities, main roads, railroads, and major airports.

You are free to use above map for educational purposes (fair use), please refer to the Nations Online Project.

More about Israel
Israel's relations to its neighbors.

The 1949 Armistice Agreements between Israel and neighboring Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria ended the hostilities of the 1948 Arab–Israeli War.

Moshav Nahalal in Jezreel Valley, Israel
Moshav (a cooperative agricultural community) Nahalal in Jezreel Valley, the large fertile plain and inland valley in the Northern District of Israel.
Photo: ZeevStein

Israel-Egypt relations
The peace between Egypt and Israel has lasted now for forty years. But only in January 1980, full diplomatic relations between Israel and Egypt were established. Egypt has an embassy in Tel Aviv; Israel has an embassy in Cairo.

However, the Arab-Israeli conflict keeps relations between the countries subdued, and anti-Israeli incitement is prevalent in the Egyptian media. On the other hand, Internet incitement against Arabs in Israel is on the rise. [2]

There are two official Isreal-Egypt border crossings, one at Taba in the south and one at Nitzana.

Israel-Syria relations
There are no diplomatic relations between the two countries. Israel and Syria have been in a state of war since the establishment of the State of Israel.
Syria has never recognized Israel and does not accept Israeli passports for entry into Syria.
Israel regards Syria as an enemy state and bans its citizens from visiting the country without permission.

Israel-Lebanon relations
There are no normal economic or diplomatic relations between the two countries. Israel treats Lebanon as an "enemy state." Israeli citizens are banned from visiting Jordan without permission. [3] Travelers who hold passports that contain visas or entry/exit stamps for Israel will likely be denied entry into Lebanon. [4]

Israel-Jordan relations
With the signing of the Israel–Jordan peace treaty in 1994, the two countries began official diplomatic ties. The agreement normalized relations between Israel and Jordan and resolved territorial disputes.
Wadi Araba Crossing (near Aqaba) and Jordan River Crossing (near Beit She'an) are international border crossing between Jordan and Israel. The Allenby Bridge near Jericho connects the West Bank with Jordan; it is the only exit/entry point for West Bank Palestinians traveling abroad.

The map shows the location of following Israeli cities:
Acre (Akko), Afula, Ashdod, Ashkelon, Bat Yam, Beersheba, Beit She'an, Eilat, Hadera, Haifa, Herzliya, Jerusalem, Kiryat Gat, Mitzpe Ramon, Nahariya, Nazareth, Netanya, Nitzana, Ramla, Tel Aviv, Tiberias, and Yotvata.


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