GMap2(document.getElementById("Airport_Map")); map.setCenter(new GLatLng(51, 14), 4, G_PHYSICAL_MAP); //UK var point = new GLatLng(51.4703429, -0.4534243); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Airport London Heathrow<\/h1>

London Heathrow (IATA code: LHR) is the busiest airport in Europe (by passemngers, in 2009).

', plane) var point = new GLatLng(51.1540885, -0.1890112); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Airport London Gatwick<\/h1>

London Gatwick (IATA code: LGW) is the 8. busiest airport in Europe (by passemngers, in 2009).

', plane) var point = new GLatLng(51.889378, 0.261515); var marker = createMarker(point, '

London Stansted Airport<\/h1>

Stansted Airport (IATA code: STN) is the third-largest airport serving the London area and a hub for a number of major European low-cost carriers.

', smallplane) var point = new GLatLng(51.876153, -0.37161); var marker = createMarker(point, '

London Luton Airport<\/h1>

London Luton Airport (IATA code: LTN) is the fourth largest airport serving the London area (ranked 39 in Europe).

', smallplane) var point = new GLatLng(53.3646, -2.275); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Manchester Airport<\/h1>

Manchester Airport (IATA Code: MAN) serves North West England, it is the fourth busiest airport in the United Kingdom in passenger numbers after the three airports of London.

', smallplane) var point = new GLatLng(55.9459, -3.3611); var marker = createMarker(point, '

BAA Edinburgh Airport<\/h1>

Edinburgh Airport (IATA code: EDI) busiest airport in Scotland and one of the busiest airports in the UK.

', smallplane) var point = new GLatLng(55.868922, -4.43195); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Glasgow International Airport<\/h1>

Glasgow Airport (IATA Code: GLA) is 2nd busiest airport in Scotland after Edinburgh.

', smallplane) var point = new GLatLng(52.4530, -1.7384); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Birmingham Airport<\/h1>

Birmingham International Airport (IATA Code: BHX) is one of UK’s major international airports.

', smallplane) //Ireland var point = new GLatLng(53.4260, -6.2389); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Dublin International Airport<\/h1>Dublin Airport (IATA code: DUB) is by far the busiest airport in Ireland with predominantly international traffic.

', plane) //France var point = new GLatLng(49.0131, 2.5487); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Airport Charles de Gaulle<\/h1>

Airport Charles de Gaulle also known as Roissy Airport (IATA code: CDG) is one of the world\'s principal aviation centers, as well as France\'s main airport.

', plane) var point = new GLatLng(48.7261, 2.3641); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Paris-Orly Airport<\/h1>

Paris-Orly Airport (IATA code: ORY) is the busiest French airport for domestic traffic.

', plane) var point = new GLatLng(43.6591, 7.2081); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Nice Côte d’Azur Airport<\/h1> Cannes has no airport, Nice Côte d’Azur Airport (IATA code: NCE) is the principal airport of arrival for passengers to the Côte d’Azur.

', smallplane) //Germany var point = new GLatLng(50.0465, 8.5748); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Frankfurt Airport<\/h1>

Flughafen Frankfurt (IATA code: FRA) is one of the primary international gateways to Germany and the biggest European cargo airport.

', plane) var point = new GLatLng(49.9518, 7.2672522); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport<\/h1>

Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn (IATA code: HHN) is a commercial airport and a major hub for Ryanair, despite its name, the airport is situated over 120 km (75 mi) west of the city of Frankfurt.

', smallplane) var point = new GLatLng(51.2793, 6.7648); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Duesseldorf International Airport<\/h1>Flughafen Düsseldorf (IATA code: DUS) is the third largest airport in Germany and an important hub for Air Berlin and Lufthansa, almost 17.8 million passengers used the airport in 2009, 2% less than in 2008.

', smallplane) var point = new GLatLng(48.3539793, 11.7815); var marker = createMarker(point, '

München International Airport<\/h1>Munich "Franz Josef Strauss" Airport (IATA code: MUC) is the second busiest airport in Germany in terms of passenger traffic behind Frankfurt.

', plane) var point = new GLatLng(52.5531, 13.2935); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Berlin Tegel Airport<\/h1> Berlin\'s biggest airport (IATA code: TXL) will be closed in 2012, six months after the completion of the new Berlin-Brandenburg International Airport.

', smallplane) var point = new GLatLng(52.3885, 13.5189); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Berlin Schönefeld Airport<\/h1> (IATA code: SXF) located near the town of Schönefeld in Brandenburg. Once the main civil airport of East Germany (GDR) the facility will be transformed into the new international airport in Berlin, Berlin-Brandenburg International Airport, by 2011.

', smallplane) var point = new GLatLng(53.63046, 10.0026); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Hamburg Airport<\/h1>also known as Hamburg Fuhlsbüttel Airport (IATA code: HAM) is Hamburg’s international airport serving the city and state of Hamburg.

', smallplane) var point = new GLatLng(50.8783, 7.1229); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Cologne International Airport<\/h1>Flughafen Köln/Bonn (IATA code: CGN), Germany’s sixth largest airport is located in the Cologne/Bonn Region 15 km (9.2 mi) southeast of the city centre of Cologne and 16 km (10 mi) northeast of Bonn.

', smallplane) var point = new GLatLng(48.6872, 9.1871); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Flughafen Stuttgart Airport<\/h1>formerly known as Flughafen Stuttgart-Echterdingen (IATA code: STR) is Stuttgart\'s international airport, located 10 km (6.3 mi) south of the city at the town of Echterdingen.

', smallplane) var point = new GLatLng(52.45794, 9.69174); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Hannover-Langenhagen Airport<\/h1>Hannover Airport (IATA code: HAJ) is Germany’s ninth largest airport, it serves the city and state of Hannover.

', smallplane) //Spain var point = new GLatLng(40.4648, -3.5664); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Madrid-Barajas Airport<\/h1>Madrid Barajas International Airport (IATA code: MAD) Spain’s largest airport and one of the world\'s busiest airports (rank 12).

', plane) var point = new GLatLng(41.296914, 2.0783331); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Barcelona Airport<\/h1>Barcelona International Airport known as El Prat Airport (IATA code: BCN) is Spain’s second largest airport and one of Europe’s busiest airports (rank 10).

', plane) //Netherlands var point = new GLatLng(52.3122, 4.7751); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Amsterdam International Airport<\/h1>Luchthaven Schiphol (IATA code: AMS) is Netherlands’ primary international airport.

', plane) //Italy var point = new GLatLng(41.79996, 12.25512); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport<\/h1>commonly known as Fiumicino Airport (IATA code: FCO) is Rome’s primary airport. Italy’s largest airport is the hub for Alitalia, the national flag carrier.

', plane) var point = new GLatLng(45.6327, 8.7166); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Milan Malpensa Airport<\/h1>

Milan Malpensa Airport (IATA Code: MXP), one of the major international hubs in Italy and the largest of the three airports of Milan.

', smallplane) var point = new GLatLng(45.45423, 9.28152); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Milan Linate Airport<\/h1>

Milan Linate Airport (IATA Code: LIN), one of the major airports in Milan, second largest of the three airports of Milan, mainly used for domestic and short-haul international flights.

', smallplane) var point = new GLatLng(45.668151, 9.700461); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Bergamo Orio Al Serio Airport<\/h1>

Orio al Serio International Airport (IATA Code: BGY) is one the three airports which form Milan’s airport system. Orio Al Serio is located at at the city of Bergamo.

', smallplane) var point = new GLatLng(45.5118255, 12.3537294); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Venice International Airport<\/h1>Marco Polo Airport (IATA code: VCE) serves the city of Venice, almost 7 million passengers having passed through the airport in 2009.

', smallplane) var point = new GLatLng(40.883652, 14.28147); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Naples Airport<\/h1>

Naples Capodichino Airport (IATA code: NAP) serves Naples, the Campania region and the tourist destinations of Capri, Ischia, Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius.

', smallplane) //Turkey var point = new GLatLng(40.1138, 32.9936); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Ankara International Airport<\/h1>

Esenboğa International Airport (IATA Code: ESB) is one of the main airports in Turkey. The airport was awarded in 2009 as the best airport in Europe by ACI Europe (Airport Council International).

', smallplane) var point = new GLatLng(40.9819, 28.8206); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Istanbul Airport<\/h1>

Atatürk International Airport (IATA Code: IST) is one of the primary international airport in Turkey.

', plane) var point = new GLatLng(40.90482, 29.31444); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Sabiha Gökçen International Airport<\/h1>

Sabiha Gokcen International Airport (IATA Code: SAW) is Istanbul’s coming new international airport.

', smallplane) //Swiss var point = new GLatLng(47.4526, 8.5805); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Flughafen Zürich<\/h1>

Zurich International Airport Kloten (IATA Code: ZRH) is Switzerland\'s largest international airport. In 2009 Zurich Airport once again was voted Europe’s leading airport for its user-friendliness and general quality standards.

', plane) var point = new GLatLng(46.2383,6.1094); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Geneva Cointrin International Airport<\/h1>Aéroport international de Genève (IATA code: GVA) an airport that serves the city of Geneva and the Romandie region, the airport can be accessed from both countries, Switzerland and France.

', smallplane) //Denmark var point = new GLatLng(55.6248, 12.6479); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Copenhagen Airport<\/h1>Københavns Lufthavn (IATA code: CPH) is the largest airport in Scandinavia and Denmark’s main international airport serving Copenhagen and also the nearby greater area of the city of Malmö in Sweden.

', plane) //Russia var point = new GLatLng(55.412901, 37.9044); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Domodedovo International Airport<\/h1>

Domodedovo International Airport IATA Code: DME) is one of the three major Moscow airports. It is Russia’s largest airport in terms of passenger and cargo traffic with an annual passenger volume of more than 20 million travelers (18.6 million in 2009).

', smallplane) var point = new GLatLng(55.96758, 37.41993); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Sheremetyevo International Airport<\/h1>

Sheremetyevo International Airport IATA Code: SVO) is Russia’s largest airport and one of the three Moscow airports. The airport is the passenger hub for Aeroflot, the national carrier. More than 14 million passengers pass through this airport annually.

', smallplane) var point = new GLatLng(59.79798, 30.2655); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Saint Petersburg International Airport<\/h1>Pulkovo Airport (Russian: Аэропо́рт Пу́лково, Aeroport Pulkovo) IATA Code: LED) is serving St. Petersburg and the surrounding region.

', smallplane) var point = new GLatLng(55.59975, 37.26252); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Vnukovo International Airport<\/h1>

Vnukovo International Airport IATA Code: VKO) is one of Moskow’s three international airports located 28 kilometres (17 mi) southwest of the city center.

', smallplane) //Austria var point = new GLatLng(48.1150, 16.5578); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Vienna International Airport<\/h1>also known as Flughafen Wien-Schwechat (IATA code: VIE) the busiest and biggest airport in Austria is the hub of the national carrier Austrian Airlines and its subsidiaries.

', smallplane) //Norway var point = new GLatLng(60.197121, 11.096766); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Oslo International Airport<\/h1>Oslo Airport, Gardermoen (IATA code: OSL) is Oslo’s main airport and the second largest airport in Scandinavia.

', smallplane) //Belgium var point = new GLatLng(50.89932, 4.48902); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Brussels Airport<\/h1>Luchthaven Brussel-Nationaal "Welcome to Europe" (IATA code: BRU). Brussels Airport is Belgium’s international airport, simply because there are no domestic flights from the airport.

', smallplane) var point = new GLatLng(50.46701, 4.46772336); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Brussels Charleroi Airport<\/h1>Charleroi Airport (IATA code: CRL) is located near Charleroi about 46 kilometres (29 mi) from Brussels.

', smallplane) //Greece var point = new GLatLng(37.9363, 23.9444); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Athens International Airport<\/h1>Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport (IATA code: ATH) is since 2001 Athens new international airport which serves the city of Athens and the Attica region. It is the major hub and base for Olympic Air, the former national carrier.

', smallplane) var point = new GLatLng(35.3413, 25.1762); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Heraklion International Airport<\/h1>

Irakliou Nikolaos Kazantzakis Airport "Nikos Kazantzakis" (IATA code: HER) is the primary airport on the island of Crete, and second busiest airport in Greece.

', smallplane) //Sweden var point = new GLatLng(59.6493, 17.9271); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Stockholm-Arlanda Airport<\/h1>Stockholm-Arlanda Airport (IATA code: ARN) is Sweden’s largest airport .

', smallplane) //Portugal var point = new GLatLng(38.7704, -9.1291); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Lisbon Portela Airport<\/h1>

Aeroporto de Lisboa or Lisbon Airport (IATA Code: LIS) is the primary international gateway to Portugal and a major European hub.

', smallplane) //Finland var point = new GLatLng(60.318, 24.96100); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Helsinki International Airport<\/h1>Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (IATA code: HEL) is Finland’s main international airport.

', smallplane) //Czech Republic var point = new GLatLng(50.10858, 14.264325); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Prague International Airport<\/h1>Ruzyně International Airport (IATA code: PRG) is the largest airport in Czech Republic and the hub of Czech Airlines, the national flag carrier.

', smallplane) //Poland var point = new GLatLng(52.176048092, 20.968353); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Warsaw International Airport<\/h1>Warsaw Frédéric Chopin Airport (IATA code: WAW) is Poland’s most important international airport.

', smallplane) //Hungary var point = new GLatLng(47.4337, 19.2439); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Budapest International Airport<\/h1>Budapest Ferihegy International Airport (IATA code: BUD) is the largest of Hungary’s five international airports, the airport serves the region of the Hungarian capital.

', smallplane) //Ukraine var point = new GLatLng(50.33655, 30.8943); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Kiev International Airport<\/h1>Boryspil International Airport (IATA code: KBP) is Ukraine’s largest airport and primary international gateway.

', smallplane) //Cyprus var point = new GLatLng(34.86700, 33.609213); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Larnaca International Airport<\/h1>Larnaca International Airport (IATA code: LCA) is the main international airport in Cyprus.

', smallplane) //Romania var point = new GLatLng(44.5727, 26.0981); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Bucharest International Airport<\/h1>Henri Coandă International Airport (IATA code: OTP) is Romania’s main international airport.

', smallplane) //Estonia var point = new GLatLng(59.4163, 24.7991); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Tallinn International Airport<\/h1>Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport (IATA code: TLL) is the largest airport in Estonia and the hub of Estonian Air, the country’s national carrier.

', smallplane) //Latvia var point = new GLatLng(56.9209851, 23.9762232); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Riga International Airport<\/h1>Riga International Airport (IATA code: RIX) is Latvia’s principal airport and the largest airport in the Baltic states, it handles by now 4 million passengers yearly.

', smallplane) //Lithuania var point = new GLatLng(54.6416, 25.2857); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Vilnius International Airport<\/h1>(Lithuanian: Tarptautinis Vilniaus Oro Uostas) (IATA code: VNO) is the largest and most busiest airport by passenger traffic in Lithuania.

', smallplane) //Bulgaria var point = new GLatLng(42.69312, 23.395644); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Sofia Airport<\/h1>Sofia Vrazhdebna Airport (IATA code: SOF) is on of the three main entry airports in Bulgaria.

', smallplane) // Slovenia var point = new GLatLng(46.2293, 14.4545); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Ljubljana International Airport<\/h1>Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport (IATA code: LJU) is the busiest of all airports in Slovenia and the hub of Adria Airways, Slovenia’s flag carrier.

', smallplane) //Serbia var point = new GLatLng(44.8212, 20.2955); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Belgrade International Airport<\/h1>Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport (IATA code: BEG) is Serbia’s primary airport.

', smallplane) //Slovakia var point = new GLatLng(48.167631, 17.19891); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Bratislava International Airport<\/h1>(Letisko Milana Rastislava Štefánika) M. R. Štefánik Airport (IATA code: BTS) is Slovakia’s primary international airport (port of entry). More than 2 million passengers use the airport annually.

', smallplane) //Moldova var point = new GLatLng(46.934352, 28.92781); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Chisinau International Airport<\/h1>Chişinău International Airport (IATA code: KIV) is Moldova’s primary international airport.

', smallplane) //Luxembourg var point = new GLatLng(49.6323, 6.21963); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Luxembourg International Airport<\/h1>Luxembourg Findel Airport (IATA code: LUX) is Luxembourg’s only international airport.

', smallplane) //Belarus var point = new GLatLng(53.88813, 28.03338); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Minsk International Airport<\/h1>Minsk International Airport (IATA code: MSQ) is the primary international airport in Belarus.

', smallplane) //Iceland var point = new GLatLng(63.99261, -22.623831); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Keflavík International Airport<\/h1>also known as Reykjavík-Keflavík Airport (IATA code: KEF) is Iceland’s largest airport and the main hub for international transportation.

', smallplane) //Montenegro var point = new GLatLng(42.36714, 19.24767); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Podgorica International Airport<\/h1>Podgorica Airport (IATA code: TGD) is one of two public airports in Montenegro and is the country’s primary international airport.

', smallplane) //Bosnia and Herzegovina var point = new GLatLng(43.82487, 18.33598); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Sarajevo International Airport<\/h1>Butmir Airport, (IATA code: SJJ) is the main international airport of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

', smallplane) //Republic of Macedonia var point = new GLatLng(41.9571, 21.6268011); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Skopje International Airport<\/h1>Alexander the Great Airport (IATA code: SKP) is the Republic of Macedonia’s primary airport and a major entry point for international arrivals in the country.

', smallplane) //Albania var point = new GLatLng(41.4211272621, 19.715004); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Tirana International Airport Nënë Tereza<\/h1>commonly known as Rinas International Airport (IATA code: TIA) is Albania’s only international airport.

', smallplane) //Malta var point = new GLatLng(35.8605, 14.4777); var marker = createMarker(point, '

Malta International Airport<\/h1>Malta International Airport (IATA code: MLA) is the only airport in Malta.

', smallplane)
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