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___ Satellite View and Map of the City of Lisbon (Lisboa), Portugal

Searchable Map and Satellite View of Lisbon using Google Earth Data

Flag of LisbonSatellite view is showing Lisbon, the national capital of Portugal. The city lies on the north bank of the Tagus Estuary, more or less in the center of the country on the Atlantic coast.

It is the westernmost city in continental Europe. Greater Lisbon (Grande Lisboa) is a major political, economic and cultural center of Portugal and offers a wide variety of options for visitors, including historical sites, city-life, beaches, countryside, mountains and other areas of interest only a few kilometres away from the city center.
Lisbon has a populaton of about 550,000 people, 2.6 million live in the metropolitan area. Official language is Portuguese.

Just zoom in (+) to see São Bento Palace (Saint Benedict's Palace), which houses the Portuguese parliament.

The Map shows a city map of Lisbon with expressways, main roads and streets, Lisbon Airport (Aeroporto de Lisboa) (IATA Code: LIS) is situated in north.

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Restauradores Square
Praça do Comércio (Commerce Square), Lisbon with the equestrian statue of King José I, Rua Augusta Arch in background.
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Local Time Portugal:
Wednsday-April-1  10:23  

Standard time zone: Western European Time (WET), no UTC/GMT offset
Daylight saving time in use from end of March until end of October, time zone offset: UTC/GMT +1 hour
Google Maps: Searchable map/satellite view of the City of Lisbon (Lisboa), Portugal.
City Coordinates: 38°42′25.11″N 9°8′7.75″W
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External Links:
Câmara Municipal de Lisboa
Lisboa Municipality website (in Portuguese).
Visit Lisboa
Official tourism web site of the city.

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Wikipedia article about Lisbon.
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