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___ Countries of the Second World

List of Countries of the Second World
The term "Second World" refers to the former communist-socialist, industrial states, the territory and sphere of influence of the Union of Soviet Socialists Republic.

Note: For terms and definition please have a look at: First, Second and Third World
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  Second World Country List
Country formerly part of: Region
Albania * Southern Europe
Armenia Soviet Union Western Asia
Azerbaijan Soviet Union Western Asia
Belarus Soviet Union Eastern Europe
Bosnia and Herzegovina Yugoslavia Southern Europe
Bulgaria   Eastern Europe
Croatia Yugoslavia Southern Europe
Czech Republic Czechoslovakia Eastern Europe
Estonia annexed by Soviet Union** Northern Europe
Georgia Soviet Union Western Asia
East Germany   Western Europe
Hungary   Eastern Europe
Kazakhstan Soviet Union South-Central Asia
Kyrgyzstan Soviet Union South-Central Asia
Latvia annexed by Soviet Union** Northern Europe
Lithuania annexed by Soviet Union** Northern Europe
Macedonia, Rep. of Yugoslavia Southern Europe
Moldova Soviet Union Eastern Europe
Montenegro Yugoslavia  
Poland   Eastern Europe
Romania   Eastern Europe
Russia Soviet Union Northern Europe/Asia
Serbia Yugoslavia Southern Europe
Slovakia Czechoslovakia Eastern Europe
Slovenia Yugoslavia Southern Europe
Tajikistan Soviet Union South-Central Asia
Turkmenistan Soviet Union South-Central Asia
Ukraine Soviet Union Eastern Europe
Uzbekistan Soviet Union South-Central Asia

(Formerly) Communist States in Asia ***
China   Eastern Asia
Korea (North) Korea Eastern Asia
Lao PDR   South East Asia
Mongolia**** China, until 1921 Eastern Asia
Viet Nam (North)   South East Asia

* Albania broke Soviet influence in the 1960s and aligned itself with China.
** The forcible annexation of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania into the Soviet Union in 1940 was considered illegal by the United States and most Western European democracies and the three nations were de jure not considered parts of the Soviet Union.
*** This countries are considered sometimes being part of the Second World, the relatively high-income Communist countries or those with centrally planned economies in which the government owns the means of production.
**** Today Mongolia is a parliamentary republic.
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