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About Bahrain

Bahrain an island nation in the Middle East, the archipelago consists of the main island (Al) Bahrayn and some small islands and islets. The island state is situated in the Arabian Gulf, about 25 km (16 mi) to the east off the Saudi Arabian coast. The island is connected to Saudi Arabia by the King Fahd Causeway.

With an area of 741 km² Bahrain is slightly bigger than Singapore (699 km²), or 3.5 times the size of Washington, DC.
Bahrain's geography offers a flat arid desert archipelago in the Persian Gulf, less than 3% of the country is arable land.
Jabal ad Dukhan (Mountain of Smoke), the hill in the center of the Southern Governorate is the country's highest point (134 m or 440 ft).

Map is showing Bahrain in the Persian Gulf with governorate boundaries, the national capital, major cities, and main roads.

Bahrain International Airport (IATA Code: BIA) located on the island of Muharraq is Bahrain's only international airport. It is the primary hub for Gulf Air.

Bahrain shares maritime borders with: Iran, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia

Bahrain Administrative Divisions

Bahrain is divided into five regions called governorates. These governorates are:
the Capital Governorate,
the Central Governorate,
the Muharraq Governorate,
the Northern Governorate,
and the Southern Governorate which includes also the islands in the south-east of the archipelago.

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Map of Bahrain
Political Map of Bahrain

Map based on a UN map. Source: UN Cartographic Section  
Cities of Bahrain

The map shows the location of following Bahrainian cities and towns:

Manamah (al-Manāma), capital and largest city of Bahrain,

Riffa, the second largest city in Bahrain, the city is made up of West Riffa (Ar Rifa' al Gharbi) and East Riffa (Ar Rifa 'ash Sharqi),

Muharraq (Al Muharraq), Bahrain's third largest city,

A'ali, famous for its ancient burial mounds.

Other towns and villages:

Ad Diraz, Ad Dur, Al 'Amar, Al Budayyi' (Al Budaiya), Al Jasrah, Al Jufayr, Al Ma'amir, Al Malikiyah (Malkiya), Al Mamtalah, Ar Rumaythah, As Sakhir, Askar, Awali, Az Zallaq, Barbar, Dar Kulayb, Dumistan, Halat Umm al Bayd, Hamad Town (Madinat Hamad), Isa Town, Jaww, Jidd Hafs (Jidhafs), Karzakkan, Marquban, Ra's al Jaza'ir, Ra's al Qurayn, and Sar.
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