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___ Satellite View of Tobruk (Ṭubruq, طبرق ), Libya

Al Masira Hotel (Dar es Salaam Hotel), Tobruk, Libya
Al Masira Hotel (Dar es Salaam Hotel) in Tobruk. The five-star hotel was for some time the seat of Libya's internationally-recognized government.
Image by: Maher

About Tobruk

Satellite view is showing Tobruk, a seaport in Libya and for some time the seat of a government of a divided country. The city is located in northeastern Libya at the Gulf of Bomba, a bay of the Mediterranean Sea, about 120 km west of the country's border with Egypt.

The area of Libya and the whole North Africa was inhabited at least for the last 50,000 years by various indigenous groups of Berber tribes. In times of the Nile Valley Civilization the settlement was the site of an Amon sanctuary. The Phoenicians might have used Tobruk's harbor for their extensive trade network, it is one of the few natural harbors on the North African coast.
From 305 BC–30 BC the region was part of the Greek Ptolemaic Kingdom. Under Darius it was part of the Persian Achaemenid Empire (521-486). In antiquity the city was known as Antipyrgos or Antipyrgum, one of many Greek colonies along the North African coast. The town became first part of the Roman Empire and in the 5th century a fortification of the Byzantine Empire to guard the borders of Cyrenaica.

Present-day Tobruk has a population of estimated 135,000 people. The city was the seat of Libya's internationally-recognized government. In July 2014 Libya's elected government was forced to flee Libya's capital Tripoli.

The city is served by Tobruk Airport (IATA code: TOB). The city has also three ports: Marsa el-Hariga, the crude oil export terminal, Tobruk Seaport, and ferry jetty.

The map shows a city map of Tobruk with expressways, main roads and streets, zoom out to find Tobruk International Airport;, located in Adam 25 km (16 mi) south of Tobruk.

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Local Time Tobruk:
Friday-December-1  16:40  
UTC/GMT +2 hours
φ Latitude, λ Longitude (of Map center; move the map to see coordinates):
Google Maps: Searchable map/satellite view of Tobruk, Libya.

City Coordinates: 32°4′34″N 23°57′41″E

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