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___ Political Map of Uzbekistan (Republic of Uzbekistan; in Uzbek: Ўзбекистон Республикаси, O‘zbekiston Respublikasi)

About Uzbekistan

Map is showing Uzbekistan, a landlocked republic in Central Asia that lies south and southeast of the Aral Sea, south of Kazakhstan, north of Turkmenistan and Afghanistan, Tajikistan is bordering in south east, Kyrgyzstan in east.

The landscape of Uzbekistan is dry with mostly flat-to-rolling sandy desert, inclusive dunes. The Kyzyl Kum (Red Sand), a large desert stretches across most of the country. Only about 10% of the country's area is intensively cultivated with irrigated land in river valleys and oases. Highest point in Uzbekistan is the Khazret Sultan, at 4,643 m (15,233 ft), the mountain is located on the border with Tajikistan, north west of Dushanbe in the southern part of the Gissar Mountain Range. Main rivers are Amu Darya, Syr Darya (Sirdaryo), and Zarafshan River.

With an area of 447,400 km², Uzbekistan is about the size of Sweden, or slightly larger than the U.S. state of California.

The country has a population of 31 million people (in 2015). Capital and largest city is Tashkent (Тошкент). Spoken languages are Uzbek and Russian.

Depicted on the map are cities, and towns (see below), main roads, railroad and primary airports.

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Reference Map of Uzbekistan
Political Map of Uzbekistan

Map based on a UN map. Source: UN Cartographic Section

Cities and Towns in Uzbekistan

Depicted on the map are the location of following Uzbek cities and towns:

Almalyk, Altynkul, Andijon, Angren, Bekabad, Beruni, Bukhoro, Chimbay, Chirchiq, Denau, Farghona (Bukhara), Farish, Gazli, Gizhduvan, Guliston, Guzar, Jizzakh, Kagan, Kasan, Kattakurgan, Khiva, Kitab, Komsomolsk, Kulkuduk, Mubarek, Munok, Mynbulak, Namangan, Nawoiy, Nukus, Nurata, Qarshi, Qunghirot, Quqon, Samarqand, Takhtakupyr, Tashkent, Termez, Turtkul, Uchquduq, Urganch, Zarafshon, and Zhaslyk.
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Uzbekistan Administrative Map

Uzbekistan Country Profile
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