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___ Political Map of Tajikistan (Republic of Tajikistan; in Tajik: Ҷумҳурии Тоҷикистон, Jumhurii Tojikiston)

About Tajikistan

Map is showing Tajikistan, a landlocked republic in central Asia, north of Afghanistan, southeast of Uzbekistan and south of Kyrgyzstan, it borders China in east.

With an area of 143,100 km², the country is less than half the size of Italy, or slightly smaller than the U.S. state of Wisconsin.

Tajikistan has a population of 8.35 million people (in 2015). Capital and largest city is Dushanbe (Душанбе). Spoken languages are Tajik (official) and Russian.

Tajikistan's landscape is mountainous, dominated by the Pamir and the Alay Mountains. Peak Ismoili Somoni 7,495 m (24,590 ft)  in the Pamir range is the highest peak in the country.

Depicted on the map are cities, and towns (see below), main roads, railroad and primary airports.

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Reference Map of Tajikistan
Political Map of Tajikistan
Tajikistan Cities and Towns:

Depicted on the map are the location of following Tajik cities and towns:

Ayni, Buved, Childara, Chkalovsk, Dangara, Dashtishur, Dushanbe, Dzhartyrabot, Garm, Hisor (Gissar), Isfara, Ishkashim, Jirgatal, Kalaikhum, Kalininabad, Kalot, Kanibadam, Kargovad, Kazidi, Khorugh, Khovaling, Khujand, Kofarnikhon, Kolkhozabad, Komsomolabad, Kudara, Kulob (Kulyab), Lairon, Moskovskiy, Murgab, Navabad, Nizhniy Panj, Nurek, Obigarm, Panj, Panjakent, Qurghonteppa (Kurgan-Tyube), Rangkul, Rushan, Sayod, Shaartuz, Shahriostan, Shaymak, Shuroabad, Sicharog, Taboshar, Tavildara, Tursunzade, Uroteppa, Vanj, Vir, Vrang, and Wakhion.
More about Tajikistan:

profile Searchable map/satellite view of Dushanbe (capital city)

Satellite View and Map of Tajikistan
Tajikistan Administrative Map

Tajikistan Country Profile
Tajikistan in Figures
Tajikistan key statistical data.

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Current Weather Conditions Dushanbe

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