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___ Political Map of Kazakhstan (also spelled Kazakstan, Kazakiya, Qazaqiya)

About Kazakhstan

Map is showing Kazakhstan, a republic in Central Asia, south of Russia, that extends east from the Caspian Sea to the Altai Mountains and China. Until 1991 Kazakhstan was one of the Soviet republics.

The area of Kazakhstan west of the Ural river (in Kazakhstan known as Zhayyq) is geographically, if not politically, located within Europe.
Border countries are China, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.

An area of 2,724,900 km² makes Kazakhstan to the largest landlocked country in the world, even though it has a shoreline at the Caspian Sea, but no access to the high seas. Compared it is almost the size of Argentina or slightly less than four times the size of the US state of Texas.

The multiethnic country has a population of 17,7 million people (in 2016), making it one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world. Vast regions of the territory of the republic are uninhabited.

Since December 1997 Kazakhstan's capital city is Astana (Астана). Almaty (Алматы), formerly Alma-Ata (Алма-Ата), is the largest city and the former capital of the country. Spoken languages are Kazakh and Russian. Main religion is Islam (70%).

Kazakhstan's Main Geographical Features   [show]

Depicted on the map are cities, and towns (see below), main roads, railroad and primary airports.

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Reference Map of Kazakhstan
Political Map of Kazakhstan

Cities and Towns in Kazakhstan

Depicted on the map are following Kazakh cities and towns:

Akbakay, Akshiy, Aksu, Aktumsyk, Almaty (largest city), Aqtau, Aqtöbe, Arqalyk, Astana (capital city), Ayaguz, Balqash, Beskol', Bestamak, Beyneu, Dzhambeyty, Dzhambul, Embi, Fort Atyrau, Furmanovka, Furmanovo, Ganyushkino, Georgiyevka, Kachiry, Kalmykovo, Khromtau, Kokshetau, Kurchatov, Kzyltu, Lebyazh'ye, Oral, Oyyl, Öskemen, Pavlodar, Petropavl, Qarabutaq, Qaraghandy, Qostanay, Qyzylorda, Rudnyy, Saryshagan, Sayak, Semey, Shalqar, Shevchenko, Shu, Shymkent, Taldyqorghan, Torghay, Urdzhar, Yrghyz, Zaysan, Zhailma, Zhambyl, Zhanatas, Zhetybay, and Zhezqazghan.
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Satellite View and Map of Astana
Satellite View and Map of Almaty

Satellite View and Map of Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan Administrative Map

Kazakhstan Country Profile
Kazakhstan in Figures
Kazakhstan key statistical data.

Map of Central Asia
Map of Southwestern Asia
Map of the Caspian Sea

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