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Dennery town on the east coast of the island of Saint Lucia
Dennery Quarter, a town on the east coast of the island of Saint Lucia.
Image: Mjr74

___ Saint Lucia

Location map of Saint Lucia. Where in the Caribbean is Saint Lucia
Location map of Saint Lucia
Flag of Saint Lucia
Flag of Saint Lucia

Destination Saint Lucia, a virtual guide to Hewanorra (Land of the Iguana), the second-largest of the Windward Islands is located in the southern group of the Lesser Antilles in the West Indies (Caribbean), between Martinique to the north and Saint Vincent to the south. Saint Lucia shares maritime borders with Barbados, Martinique (France), Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and Venezuela.

The island occupies area of 539 km², making it slightly larger than Andorra, or three and a half times the size of Washington, DC

Like many islands in the Eastern Caribbean, Saint Lucia is of volcanic origin and mountainous with some broad, fertile valleys. Famous are the twin Peaks of "The Pitons" near the town of Soufriere, a volcanic complex with boiling hot springs and sulfurous fumaroles in the geothermal field. Highest mountain on the island is Mount Gimie at 950 m.

Saint Lucia has a population of 172,000 inhabitants. Capital and largest city is Castries, a popular cruise port and the commercial center of the island. Spoken languages are English (official) and French Creole.

Saint Lucia | Hewanorra

Country Profile

An island nation with an Amerindian, African, British, and French heritage.
The island, with its outstanding natural harbor at Castries, was contested between England and France throughout the 17th and early 18th centuries (changing possession 14 times!). As a result, Saint Lucia has one of the most mixed Anglo-French cultures of the region. In 1814 it was finally ceded to the UK, but Saint Lucians retained many of the French customs in language and religion.

Self-government was granted in 1967 and independence in 1979. Since then several forest reserves and coastal nature reserves have been established, making the island attractive to tourists.

Related countries: France, UK

Official Name:
Saint Lucia
Amerindian Name: Hewanorra (there where the iguana is found)

ISO Country Code: lc

Local Time = UTC -4h
Actual Time: Sun-Apr-21  21:18

Country Calling Code: +1 758

Capital City: Castries (pop. 65 000)

Other Cities: Micoud, Gros-Islet; Vieux Fort; Soufriere.

Westminster-style parliamentary democracy.
Independence: 22 February 1979 (from UK).
Constitution: 1979.

Location: Caribbean, an island between the Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean, north of the islands of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and south of Martinique.
Area: 539 km² (208 sq mi)
Terrain: Mountainous; highest point: Mount Gimie 950 m.

Climate: Tropical; dry season from January to April, rainy season from May to August.

Nationality: St. Lucian(s); (Lushuns).
Population: 172,000 (2013 est.)
Ethnic groups: African descent 90%, mixed 6%, East Indian 3%, European 0.8%.
Religions: Christianity.
Languages: English (official); a French patois is common throughout the country.
Literacy: 85%

Natural resources: Forests, sandy beaches, minerals (pumice), mineral springs.

Agriculture products: Bananas, coconuts, vegetables, citrus, root crops, cocoa.

Industries: Clothing, assembly of electronic components, beverages, corrugated cardboard boxes, tourism, lime processing, coconut processing.

Exports - commodities: bananas 41%, clothing, cocoa, avocados, mangoes, coconut oil (2010 est.)

Exports partners: Dominican Republic 25.1%, US 15.9%, Suriname 9.1%, Antigua and Barbuda 7%, Dominica 6.8%, Trinidad and Tobago 6.3%, Barbados 6.1%, UK 4.8%, Grenada 4.6% (2015)

Imports - commodities: food, manufactured goods, machinery and transportation equipment, chemicals, fuels

Imports partners: Brazil 34.9%, US 25.7%, Trinidad and Tobago 14.4%, Colombia 10.9% (2015)

Currency: East Caribbean Dollar (XCD)

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Official Sites of Saint Lucia

Government of Saint Lucia
Official Website of the Government of Saint Lucia.

Government House of St. Lucia
Officfe of the Governor-General, Her Majesty's representative in Saint Lucia.

Saint Lucia Statistics
Official website of the Saint Lucia Government Statistics Department.

Saint Lucia Weather Report
St. Lucia official weather information.


Map of Saint Lucia
General map of Saint Lucia.
Google Earth Google Earth Saint Lucia
Searchable map and satellite view of Saint Lucia.
Google Earth Google Earth Castries
Searchable map and satellite view of Saint Lucia's capital city.

Detailed map of Saint Lucia
Map provided by Caribbean-On-Line.

Map of Central America and the Caribbean
Reference Map of Central America and the Caribbean. 

Gros Piton, Saint Lucia
Piton Valley in the south western part of Saint Lucia, with the two Pitons on the left overlooking Soufrière town. The twin peaks, titled Pitons Management Area official website by UNESCO, are now a world heritage site.
Photo: Jayen466

St.Lucia News

St.Lucia Mirror
SL news but not very up-to-date.
St. Lucia Star
Regional news, three times weekly.

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Arts & Culture

St. Lucia Jazz Festival

(May 4th-13th, 2007)
The official portal for St. Lucia Jazz. The island moves to the beat of jazz when music fills the air and tourism takes on a whole new meaning to all.
Lauryn Hill at Saint Lucia Jazz Festival
Lauryn Hill at Saint Lucia Jazz Festival.

Business & Economy

Eastern Caribbean Central Bank
St Lucia is ECCB Member.

The official site for the St Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority.
Aerial view of Saint Lucia
Aerial view of Saint Lucia ©
Travel and Tour Consumer Information

Destination Saint Lucia - Travel and Tour Guides

Discover Saint Lucia: Castries, Vieux Fort, Pitons, Mamiku Gardens.

Saint Lucia Tourist Board
The Official Web Site of the St. Lucia Tourist Board.

Visions of St. Lucia
Official Publication of the St Lucia Hotel & Tourism Association with comprehensive visitors information.
St. Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association.

??Visit St. Lucia Anytime 
Island portal with information for visitors and the Lushun community.

Mamiku Gardens
Website about Mamiku botanical gardens.

Anse Chastanet Resort
Nick Troubetzkoy's hotel on St Lucia's unspoiled southwestern Caribbean coast.

Saint Lucia Beach and Pitons
Saint Lucia Beach and Pitons

Saint Lucia - Pitons and Jungle, Windward Islands
Saint Lucia - Windward Islands


Charterhouse High School
Charterhouse High School and College.
Sir Arthur Lewis Community College
Official website of the college.

Environment & Nature

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries
Official website of the ministry.

NEMO Saint Lucia
Information site of the National Emergency Management Organisation.
Soufriere Marine Management Association Inc.
SMMA manages the sustainable use and development of marine resources in the area.
Saint Lucia National Trust
Established to preserve buildings, objects and areas of historic and architectural interest.

Eastern Caribbean Coalition for Environmental Awareness
Overall objective of ECCA's programme is to strengthen regional initiatives within the Eastern Caribbean, promote community based nature and heritage tourism, environmental education and to improve the conservation of island ecosystems.


Our History
Overview of St. Lucia's history.
St. Lucia History
A look at our past - From Settlement and Colonization to IndependenceHistory of the Town and District of Vieux Fort
In the second half of the 18th century, Vieux Fort was the center of the sugar industry.

Additional Information on Saint Lucia

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Latin American Network Information Center.

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