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Famous Landmarks - Schönbrunn Palace Vienna (Wien), Austria

UNESCO World Heritage Site Schönbrunn Palace and gardens in Vienna, Austria
Schönbrunn Palace and gardens in Vienna, Austria.
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About Schönbrunn Palace

Coat of Arms of the Empire of Austria
The Gloriette and the Neptune Fountain at Schönbrunn palace in Vienna, Austria's capital
The Gloriette and the Neptune Fountain at Schönbrunn (literally: "Beautiful Spring") in Vienna. The Baroque palace is the former imperial summer residence for Austria's Emperors.
Image: kk

The satellite view and the map shows the baroque styled Schönbrunn Palace, one of the most important cultural monuments in Austria and nowadays one of the major tourist attractions in Vienna, Austria's capital city.

The palace and gardens illustrate the tastes, interests, and aspirations of various Habsburg monarchs. Emperor Leopold I commissioned architect Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach to design a new palace that follows that of the Palace of Versailles. Construction began in 1696 and after three years the first festivities were held in the newly built middle part of the palace.

The Palace and Gardens of Schönbrunn official website are since 1996 a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Historic center of Vienna official website is also a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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Monument Coordinates: 48°11′04″N 16°18′43″E

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Searchable map/satellite view of Vienna.

Searchable map/satellite view of Austria

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