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___ Map of Guadeloupe

About Guadeloupe

Map is showing Guadeloupe, a French Caribbean islands in the Eastern Caribbean between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. The archipelago is situated in the Lesser Antilles just north of the island of Dominica, southeast of Montserrat (UK) and Antigua and Barbuda, and about 500 km (310 mi) southeast of Puerto Rico.

Guadeloupe includes the roughly butterfly shaped main islands Basse-Terre and Grande Terre, which are separated by a narrow sea channel, the Salée River. A number of smaller islands belong also to the insular region. The other islands are Marie-Galante, La Désirade, Îles des Saintes (Les Saints) with Terre de Bas and Terre de Haut, and the uninhabited small Îles de Petite Terre, now a nature reserve.

The archipelago covers a total land area of about 1630 km², making it slightly smaller than two thirds of Luxembourg, or somewhat larger than half the size of Rhode Island. The islands offer extensive hilly landscapes and are of volcanic in origin with the exception of Grande-Terre, a low lying limestone formation.
Highest point is Grande Soufrière, an active stratovolcano on the island of Basse-Terre, at 1,467 m (4,813 ft), it is the highest mountain peak in the Lesser Antilles (its last eruption was in 1977). Basse-Terre island also boasts with fertile soil, many rivers, streams, and natural hot springs.

Guadeloupe has a population of about 400,000 people (2014). Its capital is Basse-Terre. Largest city, main port, and economic capital is Pointe-à-Pitre official website on Grande Terre, just south of Guadeloupe's international airport Le Raizet. Spoken languages are French (official) almost all locals speak also Creole patois.

Depicted on the map are the islands, the location of the prefecture capital Basse-Terre, major towns, main roads, and the international airport Le Raizet.

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Guadeloupe local used Flag
Flag of Guadeloupe (unofficial)

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Map of Guadeloupe
Map of Guadeloupe
Administrative Divisions of Guadeloupe:

The French overseas region (Région d'outre-mer) of Guadeloupe is divided into
two arrondissements (Basse-Terre and Pointe-à-Pitre), 21 cantons and 32 communes.
Cities and towns in Guadeloupe:

Map shows the location of following cities and towns in Guadeloupe:

Anse-Bertrand, Basse-Terre, Capesterre-Belle-Eau, Capesterre-de-Marie-Galante, Deshaies, Goyave, Grand Anse, Grand-Bourg, La Désirade, Lamentin, Le Gosier, Le Moule, Les Abymes, Morne-à-l'Eau, Petit-Bourg, Petite Anse, Pointe-à-Pitre, Port-Louis, Saint-Claude, Saint-Franois, Saint-Louis, Sainte-Anne, Sainte-Rose, Terre-de-Haut.
More about Guadeloupe:

Searchable map/satellite view of Basse-Terre

Searchable map/satellite view of Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe Country Profile

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Weather Conditions Guadeloupe:
Weather station at Guadeloupe's International Airport Le Raizet.

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