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___ Satellite View and Map of Martinique

Morne Larcher
Le Morne Larcher hill seen from the town of Le Diamant.
Image: Monster1000

About Martinique

Saint-Pierre on Martinique seen from the harbor
Saint-Pierre, Martinique, seen from the harbor.
Image: Jean & Nathalie
Martinique FlagMap is showing Martinique, the Caribbean island in the Lesser Antilles group bordering the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, between profile Dominica (north) and profile Saint Lucia (south).

Martinique is the 3rd largest island in the Lesser Antilles after Trinidad and Guadeloupe. With an area of 1,100 km² (436 sq mi) it is slightly smaller than the Faroe Islands, or slightly more than six times the size of Washington, DC.

Martinique has a population of 381,000 people (in 2014). Most of Martinique's population are descendants from African slaves brought to work on sugar plantations during the colonial era.
Capital city is Fort-de-France.

Spoken languages are French (official) and French Patois. The island has been a high-end vacation hotspot for many years.

The map shows Martinique with cities, towns, expressways, main roads and streets, and the location of Martinique's only airport Aimé Césaire International Airport/Lamentin Airport (IATA code: FDF). Zoom out to see the location of Martinique within the Caribbean.

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Martinique actual time:
Fri-July-19  17:35  
Time zone: Atlantic Standard Time (AST) :: GMT (UTC): - 4h
φ Latitude, λ Longitude (of Map center; move the map to see coordinates):
Google Maps: Searchable Map of Martinique.
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