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___ Satellite View and Map of the City of Sucre, Bolivia

Searchable Map and Satellite View of Sucre using Google Earth Data

Seal of SucreSatellite view is showing Sucre, the constitutional capital of Bolivia, it is the seat of the Supreme Court and is also capital of Chuquisaca department.

The city is situated in the south-central part of the country and lies at an altitude of 2750 m, making it the number three of the worlds capital with the highest elevation, only surpassed by Ecuador's capital Quito (2850 m) and La Paz (3640 m), the seat of Bolivia's government.

Sucre has a population of about 250,000 inhabitants.
Official language is Spanish.

The Historic City of Sucre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the first capital of Bolivia was founded by the Spanish in the first half of the 16th century. Its many well-preserved 16th-century religious buildings, such as San Lázaro, San Francisco and Santo Domingo, illustrate the blending of local architectural traditions with styles imported from Europe.

The map shows a city map of Sucre with expressways, main roads and streets, zoom out to find the location of Juana Azurduy de Padilla International Airport (IATA code: SRE).

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Sucre Old Town
Historic City of Sucre is a World Heritage Site.
Image: Alessandro Muiesan

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Local Time Bolivia:
Sunday-March-29  09:40  
UTC/GMT -4 hours
Google Earth: Searchable Map and Satellite view of Sucre, Bolivia.
Coordinates: 19°2′2″S 65°15′45″W
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