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About North Korea

Map is showing North Korea and the surrounding countries with international borders, provinces, provincial boundaries, the national capital P'yongyang, provincial capitals, major cities, main roads, railroads and major airports.

Border Countries: China, Russia, South Korea

Administrative Divisions of North Korea

Chagang Province (Chagang-do); Capital: Kanggye
Hamgyŏng North Province (Hamgyŏng-pukto); Capital: Chongjin
Hamgyŏng South Province (Hamgyŏng-namdo); Capital: Hamhŭng
Hwanghae North Province (Hwanghae-pukto); Capital: Sariwŏn
Hwanghae South Province (Hwanghae-namdo); Capital: Haeju
Kangwŏn Province (Kangwŏn-Do); Capital: Wŏnsan
P'yŏngan North Province (P'yŏngan-pukto); Capital: Sinŭiju
P'yŏngan South Province (P'yŏngan-namdo); Capital: P'yŏngsŏng
Ryanggang Province (Ryanggang-do) also spelled Yanggang; Capital:Hyesan

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North Korea
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Map of North Korea
Map of North Korea

Map based on a UN map. Source: UN Cartographic Section
Depicted on the map are the locations of following North-Korean cities and towns (written without diacritical marks):

Anak, Anbyon, Anju, Ch'angsong, Ch'onch'on, Ch'ongjin, Ch'osan, Changjin, Changyon, Chasong, Chongju, Chongp'yong, Chongsong, Chungsan-up, Haeju, Hamhung, Hoeryong, Hoeyang, Honggul-li, Huch'ang, Huich'on, Hungnam, Hyangsan, Hyesan, Iwon, Kaech'on, KaesongIch'on, Kanggye, Kapsan, Kilchu (Kilju), Kimch'aek, Koin-ni, Koksan, Kop'ung, Kowon, Kujang-up, Kumsong, Kusong, Kuum-ni (Kosong), Kyonghung, Kyongsong, Majon-ni, Manp'o, Monggump'o-ri, Munch'on, Musan, Myongch'on, Najin, Namp'o, Nanam, Nangnim, Onch'on, Ongjin, Onsong, P'ungsan, P'yong-song, P'yonggang, P'yongsan, P'yongwon, P'yongyang, Paegam, Paek-am, Pakch'on, Pujon, Pukch'ong, Pukchin-Nodongjagu, Sakchu, Samjiyon, Sariwon, Sep'o, Sinch'ang, Sindong-nodongjagu, Sinp'a, Sinp'o, Sinuiju, Sogang-ni, Sohung, Sonch'on, Songnim, Sunch'on, T'aech'on, T'aet'an, T'ongch'on, Taegwam, Tanch'on, Tonghae, Uiju, Unggi, Wiwon, Wonsan, Yangdog-up, Yodok, Yongamp'o, Yongbyon, Yonghung
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