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___ Map and Satellite View of Korea - 한국 (Korean Peninsula)

Searchable Map and Satellite View of Korea using Google Earth Data

Satellite view and map is showing Korea, a region in eastern Asia that occupies a peninsula (Korean: 조선반도; Chosŏn Pando) between the Sea of Japan (East Sea) in the east, Korea Bay in north-west and Yellow Sea in west, Korea Strait between South Korea and Japan in the south.

North Korea is bordered by China in north, and it has a 18 km long border with Russia in north east. Both countries together occupy an area of 220,216 km², compared the Korean peninsula is somewhat smaller then the United Kingdom (242,900 km²) or about the size of the U.S. state of Utah.

Korea has a population of 72 million inhabitants, North Korea 24 million (2008 census)
Republic of Korea (South Korea) 48.5 million (2010 census). Official language is Korean.

Capital city of South Korea (Republic of Korea) is Seoul, capital of North Korea (Democratic People's Republic of Korea) is P'yongyang.

Ruled from the 14th century by the Korean Yi dynasty but more recently dominated by the Chinese and Japanese in turn, Korea was annexed by Japan in 1910. Following the Japanese surrender at the end of World War II, it was partitioned along the 38th parallel in 1948 into North Korea and South Korea, the countries official names are Democratic People's Republic of Korea (north), and Republic of Korea (south).

The map shows the Korean peninsula with cities, towns, expressways, main roads and streets.

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Local Time Korea:
Monday-May-27  11:30  
Time zone: Korea Standard Time (KST) UTC/GMT +9 hours
φ Latitude, λ Longitude (of Map center; move the map to see coordinates):
Google Maps: Searchable Map and Satellite View of Korea.
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