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Map of Ecuador

View of the city of Cuenca in Ecuador.
Santa Ana de los Cuatro Ríos de Cuenca, usually abbreviated to Cuenca, the capital city of Ecuador's Azuay Province. The Catedral de Cuenca on the right in the background, one of Ecuador's five World Heritage Sites.
Image: MTE

About Ecuador

Ecuador Flag
The map shows Ecuador, a republic in northwestern South America, bordered by the Pacific Ocean in the west, Colombia in the north and Peru in the southeast and south. The country shares maritime borders with Costa Rica. [1]
Ecuador occupies an area of 283,561 km², compared; it is somewhat smaller than Italy (301,318 km²) or slightly smaller than the U.S. state of Nevada. The territory of Ecuador also includes the Galápagos Islands, an archipelago located about 1,000 km (650 mi) west of the mainland. The country's highest mountain is Chimborazo, a dormant volcano at 6,268 m (20,564 ft).

Ecuador has a population of 18.3 million people (2023); its capital is Quito, the largest city is Guayaquil. Spoken languages are Spanish and Quechua (both official). The most important religion in Ecuador is Roman Catholicism (80%), followed by Protestantism (11%) and other Christian denominations.

Map of Ecuador

Political Map of Ecuador
Political Map of Ecuador

The map shows Ecuador and neighboring countries with international boundaries, the location of the capital Quito, major cities, the route of the Pan American highway, other highways and roads, railroads, and major airports.

You are free to use the above map for educational and similar purposes; if you publish it online or in print, you need to credit the Nations Online Project as the source.

More about Ecuador

Cerro del Carmen hill in Guayaquil, Ecuador's main port and largest city.
Cerro del Carmen Hill in Guayaquil, Ecuador's main port and largest city.
Photo: Anthony Surace

Ecuador is known for its rich biodiversity; the country is among the most megadiverse countries in the world. [WP]

Geography of Ecuador
Ecuador is a geographically diverse country with three distinct continental and one insular region.
On the mainland, the center is dominated by La Sierra (mountain range), the mountainous region of the Andean highlands that runs from north to south and divides the country.
Within the Ecuadorian Andes are the country's highest mountains, the capital Quito and some major cities like Ambato, Cuenca, Ibarra and Loja.
The map shows the location of the following Ecuadorian cities and towns:

Province capitals are: Ambato (San Juan de Ambato), Babahoyo, Cuenca (Santa Ana de los Cuatro Ríos de Cuenca), Esmeraldas, Francisco de Orellana, Guaranda, Guayaquil (Santiago de Guayaquil), Ibarra (San Miguel de Ibarra), Latacunga, Macas, Machala, Manta, Nueva Loja, Portoviejo (San Gregorio de Portoviejo), Puyo, Quito, Riobamba (San Pedro de Riobamba), Santo Domingo (Santo Domingo de los Colorados), Tena, and Tulcán.

Other cities and towns

Archidona, Atacames, Azogues, Baeza, Canoa, Catamayo, Cayambe, Chone, Cononaco, Daule, El Carmen, El Pangui, El Triunfo, Gualaceo, Gualaquiza, Jipiiapa, La Concordia, La Libertad, La Troncal, Loja (City of the Immaculate Conception of Loja), Loreto, Macara, Machachi, Machala, Milagro, Montanita, Naranjal, Nuevo , Otavalo, Pasaje, Pedernales, Pinas, Playas, Posorja, Puerto Lopez, Quevedo, Quininde, Rocafuerte, Salinas, Salinas, San Lorenzo, Sangolqui, Shushufindi, Sucua, Tarapoa, Vilcabamba, Vinces, Yantzaza, Zamora, and Zumba.



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