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A virtual guide to Sierra Leone. This page aims to give you a broad overview of Sierra Leone's art, culture, people, environment, geography, history, economy and government.
Beside a country profile with facts and figures, the page contains links to sources which provide you with all the information you need to know about this Western African nation, e.g.: official web sites of Sierra Leone, addresses of Sierra Leone and foreign embassies, domestic airlines, city- and country guides with extensive travel and tourism information on accommodation, tourist attractions, events and more like weather information, maps, statistics and local newspapers from Sierra Leone.

welcome to Sierra Leone

Republic of Sierra Leone

Country Profile

Flag of Sierra Leone
Flag of Sierra Leone

The 1991 to 2002 civil war between the government and the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) resulted in tens of thousands of deaths and the displacement of more than 2 million people (about one-third of the population), many of whom are now refugees in neighboring countries. With the support of the UN peacekeeping force and contributions from the World Bank and international community, demobilization and disarmament of the RUF and Civil Defense Forces (CDF) combatants has been completed. National elections were held in May 2002 and the government continues to slowly reestablish its authority. However, the gradual withdrawal of most UN Mission in Sierra Leone (UNAMSIL) peacekeepers in 2004 and early 2005, deteriorating political and economic conditions in Guinea, and the tenuous security situation in neighboring Liberia may present challenges to the continuation of Sierra Leone's stability.

border countries: Guinea, Liberia

related countries: UK
Where in Africa is Sierra Leone?

Official Name:
Republic of Sierra Leone
short form: Sierra Leone

ISO Country Code: sl

Local Time = UTC
Actual Time: Tue-May-31  07:46

Capital City: Freetown (1 million)

Country Calling Code: +232

Other Cities: Bo, Kenema, Lungi, Makeni, Yengema

Type: Republic with a democratically elected President and Parliament.
Independence: 27 April 1961 (from Britain).
Constitution: 1 October 1991.

Location: Western Africa, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean, between Guinea and Liberia.
Area: 71,740 kmĀ² (27,698 sq. mi.)
Terrain: Three areas are coastal belt of mangrove swamps, wooded hills along the immediate interior, and a mountainous plateau in the interior.
Highest point: Loma Mansa (Bintimani) 1 948 m

Climate: tropical; hot, humid; summer rainy season (May to December)

Nationality: Sierra Leonean(s).
Population: 5.4 million (2011 est.)
Ethnic groups: Temne 30%, Mende 30%, Krio 1%, small Lebanese community.
Religions: Muslim 60%, Christian 30%, animist 10%.
Languages: English (official, regular use limited to literate minority), Krio, Temne, Mende, and 15 other indigenous languages.
Literacy: 15-30%.

Natural resources: Diamonds, gold, titanium, bauxite, iron ore, chromite.

Agriculture products: Rice, coffee, cocoa, palm kernels, palm oil, peanuts; poultry, cattle, sheep, pigs; fish.

Industries: Diamonds mining; small-scale manufacturing (beverages, textiles, cigarettes, footwear); petroleum refining.

Exports partners: Belgium 61.6%, Germany 11.8%, USA 5.4% (2004)

Imports partners: Germany 14%, Cote d'Ivoire 10.7%, UK 9.1%, USA 8.4%, China 5.6%, Netherlands 5%, South Africa 4.1% (2004)

Currency: New Leone (SLL)

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Official Sites of Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone - the State House
The Government of Sierra Leone online, the site provides also related news.

Diplomatic Missions
Permanent Mission of the Republic of Sierra Leone to the UN
Official website of the Mission of Sierra Leone to the United Nations in New York.
Sierra Leone High Commission
London, UK

Embassy of Sierra Leone
Washington D.C.
Sierra Leone Diplomatic Missions Abroad
Address list of Sierra Leone missions.
Diplomatic Missions in Sierra Leone
Address list of foreign Diplomatic Missions.

Encyclopedia 2005
Project of the Sierra Leone Information System with a broad spectrum of Sierra Leone related facts and data.

Sierra Leone Vision 2025
The National Long-Term Perspectives Studies (NLTPS).

Anti Corruption Commission
The Commission is seeking technical assistance to reduce the scale of corruption. Steps were taken to formulate an Anti-Corruption bill, and eventually enacted by Parliament on 3rd February 2000.


Map of Sierra Leone
Political map of Sierra Leone.
Administrative Map of Sierra Leone
Map showing Sierra Leone's administrative regions.

Google Earth Google Earth Sierra Leone
Searchable map/satellite view of Sierra Leone.
Google Earth Google Earth Freetown
Searchable map/satellite view of Sierra Leone' capital city.

Political Map of Africa
The 54 countries of Africa.
Map of Africa
A Relief Map of Africa.

Peace Process

The Special Court for Sierra Leone
Set up jointly by the Government of Sierra Leone and the United Nations. It is mandated to try those who bear the greatest responsibility for serious violations of international humanitarian law and Sierra Leonean law committed in the territory of Sierra Leone since 30 November 1996.

Conflicts in Africa: Sierra Leone
More information about a decade of armed conflict and grotesque human rights violations in Sierra Leone.

The Heart of the Matter: Sierra Leone, Diamonds and Human Security
Diamonds were central to the conflict in Sierra Leone, and that a highly criminalized war economy had developed a momentum of its own.

Paying the price: the Sierra Leone peace process
The Lome Peace Agreement of July 1999 sought to bring an end to one of the most brutal civil wars of recent times.
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Awareness Times
Recent news.
Sierra Leone news.

International News Sources
allAfrica Sierra Leone
Recent news from Sierra Leone.
UN press agency with the latest news from Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone Radio
'community based' internet radio station.
Talking Drum Studios
Talking Drum Studios (TDS), multi-media studios with multi-ethnic teams of journalists and producers, to stimulate national dialogue around critical issues.
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Arts & Culture

Sierra Leone Literature
Sierra Leone writers.
Sierra Leone Music Television
Created to showcase Sierra Leone artists by the worldwide web.
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Business & Economy

Bank of Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone's Central Bank.

First Line Air
FLA is a Sierra Leone carrier with direct flights between Freetown and London Gatwick.

Lungi International Airport (FNA)
Sierra Leone's int'l airport.

Destination Sierra Leone - Travel and Tour Guides

National Tourist Board of Sierra Leone
Provides visitors information and Sierra Leone tourism industry facts and addresses.

Sierra Leone Web
SL portal, a very comprehensive website with a lot of information on Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone Connection
US based Sierra Leone community website.

Visit Sierra Leone
Travel and tourism information as well as news from Sierra Leone.

Salone Scrapbook
Pre-war images of Sierra Leone taken between 1987 and 1990 by Glenn Elert.


Travel and Tour Consumer Information
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Njala University College
The public institution operates on two campuses, in Bo and Njala.

Sierra Leone Education
Data and information about Sierra Leone's educational system.

Environment & Nature

Environmental Rescue Movement
ERM was initiated in January 2004, with a purpose of contributing meaningfully to the restructuring and rebuilding of cities in Sierra Leone.


Sierra Leone History
From Sierra Leone's early history until modern and post-modern history.
Sierra Leonean Heroes
Online history book of "Fifty Great Men and Women Who Helped to Build Our Nation".

Cry Freetown
Website about Sorious Samura's film "Cry Freetown", a brutal portrayal of what happened in Freetown, capital of Sierra Leone in January 1999.
Priscilla's Homecoming
An African American woman from Charleston, South Carolina, will make an historic homecoming visit to the West African nation of Sierra Leone.

Additional Information on Sierra Leone

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Stanford University
BBC News Country Profile: Sierra Leone
Governments on the WWW: Sierra Leone
Mbendi Profile: Sierra Leone
Including economic overviews and directories of companies.
Open Directory Project: Sierra Leone
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The World Factbook -- Sierra Leone

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