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___ Political Map of Libya

Map is showing Libya, a country in North Africa, with a coastline on the Mediterranean Sea. Much of the country is covered by the Libyan Desert, the northern and eastern part of the Sahara. Libya is bordered by Algeria, Chad, Egypt, Niger, Sudan, and Tunisia and it shares mb with Greece, Italy, and Malta.

Largest city and capital of Libya is Tripoli (Tarabulus)..
Spoken language is Arabic (official) and Berber languages (Kabyle).

The country was ruled by the 'Leader and Guide of the Revolution', 6.4 million inhabitants danced to the tune of Muammar al-Gaddafi.
Since the National Transitional Council, a provisional government took power (with some help of European forces) everything has changed.

Depicted on the map below is Libya and surrounding countries with international borders, the national capital Tripoli, province capitals, major cities, main roads, and major airports.

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Political Map of Libya
Political Map of Libya

Cities and towns in Libya:

The map shows the location of following Libyan cities and towns (largest cities in bold):

Adīrī, Ajdabiya (Ajdābiyā), Al 'Adam, Al Awaynat, Al 'Aziziyah, Al Bayḑā, Al Fuqahā, Al Jaghbūb, Al Jawf, Al Khums, Al Kufrah, Al Marj (Barce), Al Qaryah ash Sharqīyah, Al Qatrūn, Al 'Uwaynāt, Al Wīgh, Awbārī, Awjilah, Zawiya (Az Zāwiyah), Banghāzī (Benghazi, second largest city in Libya), Banī Walīd, Birāk, Darnah (Derna), Dirj, Ghadāmis, Gharyān, Ghāt, Hūn (Houn), Jālū, Madrūsah, Marādah , Ma'tan as Sarra, Mişrātah (Misurata, third largest city in Libya), Murzūq, Nalut, Rabyānah, Ra's Lanuf, Sabhā, Sīnāwīn, Surt (Sidra), Sūsah (Apollonia), Taḥramī, Ţarābulus (Tripoli), Tarhūnah, Tāzirbu, Tmassah (Wadi Tmassah), Toummo, Tubruq (Tobruk), Umm al Arānib, Waddān, Wāw al Kabīr, Yafran, Zighan, Zillah, Zlīţan, and Zuwārah.
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