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About Egypt

Map is showing is showing the North African country bordering the Mediterranean Sea to the North and the Red Sea in East.

The population of Egypt is concentrated predominantly along the fertile valley of the Nile River and the coastal plains at the Mediterranean coast.
All cities of the country, with the exception of those near the coast, lie along those parts of the Nile valley north of Aswan, because the rest of the country is largely desert.

The Arab Republic of Egypt (its official name) occupies an area of 1 million km², that's almost twice the size of France or more than twice the size of the U.S. State of California.

Egypt has a population of of approximately 92.4 million inhabitants (in 2017). Spoken language are modern Standard Arabic, colloquial language is the Egyptian-Arabic dialect.
Capital city of Egypt is Cairo.

Modern Egypt became independent in 1922. From 1958 to 1961 Egypt was united with Syria as the United Arab Republic.

Countries with international borders to Egypt are Palestinian territories (Gaza Strip), Israel, Libya, and Sudan, the Arab Republic of Egypt shares maritime borders with Cyprus, Greece, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

Depicted on the map is Egypt and the surrounding countries with international borders, the national capital Cairo, governorate capitals, major cities, main roads, railroads and airports.

You are free to use this map for educational purposes, please refer to the Nations Online Project.
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Political Map of Egypt
Political Map of Egypt

Map based on a UN map. Source: UN Cartographic Section
Cities in Egypt

The map shows the location of following Egyptian cities and towns:

Al 'Alamayn (Alamein), Al 'Arish (capital of the North Sinai Governorate), Al Bawiti, Al Fayyum (Faiyum; capital of the Faiyum Governorate), Al Ghardaqah (Hurghada, capital of Red Sea Governorate), Al Isma'iliyyah (Ismaïlia; capital of the Ismailia Governorate), Al Jizah (Giza; capital of the Giza Governorate,), Al Kharjah (also El-Kharga', or Al-Kharijah, capital of El Wadi el Gedid governorate), Al Mansurah (Mansoura; capital of the Dakahlia Governorate), Al Minya (capital of Minya Governorate), Al Qasr, Al Qusayr, Alexandria (capital of Alexandria Governorate), Ar Rashdah, Armant, As Sallum, Aswan (capital of the Aswan Governorate), Asyut (capital of Asyut Governorate), At Tur (El-Tor; capital of South Sinai Governorate), Az Zaqaziq (Zagazig; capital of the Sharqia Governorate), Banha (is the capital of the Qalyubia Governorate), Bani Suwayf (Beni Suef; capital of the Beni Suef Governorate), Baranis, Bur Safajah, Cairo (Arabic: القاهرة‎ al-Qāhira), Damanhur (the capital of the Beheira Governorate), Damyat (Damietta; capital of the governorate of Domyat), Daraw, Halaib, Idfu, Isna, Kafr ash Shaykh (Kafr el-Sheikh (Arabic: كفر الشيخ‎) is the capital of Kafr el-Sheikh Governorate), Kawm Umbu, Luxor (capital of Luxor Governorate), Marsá 'Alam, Marsá Matruh (the capital of Matruh Governorate), Mut, Naj 'Hammadi, Port Said (capital of the Port Said Governorate), Qarah, Qasr, Qasr Al Farafrah, Qina (also Qena, is the capital of Qena Governorate), Ra's Gharib, Sharm el-Sheikh, Shibin Al Kawm (Shibin El Kom; the capital of the Monufia Governorate), Sidi 'Abd ar Rahman, Sidi 'Umar, Sidi Barrani, Siwah, Suez (as-Suways, capital of the Suez governorate), Suhaj (Sohag, capital of Sohag Governorate), Taba, Tanta (the capital of the Gharbiya governorate).
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