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___ Political Map of the Republic of Chad

About the Republic of Chad

Map is showing Chad, a landlocked country in Central Africa, with its surrounding countries; international borders, région boundaries, location of the national capital N'Djamena, région capitals, major cities, main roads, and airports.

Principal airport of Chad is in N'Djamena (N'Djamena International Airport), main regional airports are located in: Abéché (Abéché Airport), Bongor (Bongor Airport), Mongo (Mongo Airport), Moundou (Moundou Airport) and Sarh (Sarh Airport)

Border Countries: Cameroon, Central African Republic, Libya, Niger, Nigeria, Sudan

You are free to use this map for educational purposes, please refer to the Nations Online Project.
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Political Map of Chad
Political and Administrative Map of Chad

Map based on a UN map. Source: UN Cartographic Section
Regions of Chad.

Since 2003 the Republic of Chad is divided into 18 regions (Région) replacing the previous 14 prefectures;
the regions are in alphabetic order (region capitals/ administrative centers in brackets):

Batha (Ati), Borkou-Ennedi-Tibesti (Faya-Largeau), Chari-Baguirmi (Massenya), Guéra (Mongo), Hadjer-Lamis (Massakory), Kanem (Mao), Lac (Bol), Logone Occidental (Moundou),
Logone Oriental (Doba), Mandoul (Koumrá), Mayo-Kebbi Est (Bongor), Mayo-Kebbi Ouest (Pala), Moyen-Chari (Sarh), Ouaddaï (Abéché), Salamat (Am Timan), Tandjilé (Lai), Wadi Fira (Biltine).

The capital city N'Djamena is a special statute region.

The map shows the location of following cities and towns in the Republic of Chad:

Abéché, Abou Deïa, Am Dam, Am Timan, Am Zoer, Aozou, Arada, Ati, Bahia, Bardaï, Biltine, Bokoro, Bol, Bongor, Djédaa, Doba, Fada, Farchana, Faya-Largeau, Fianga, Goré, Goz Beïda, Guéréda, Hadjer, Harazé Mangueigne, Iriba, Kélo, Koro Toro, Koumra, Kyabé, Lai, Mangalmé, Mao, Maro, Massakory, Massenya, Melfilengdengé, Moïssala, Mongo, Moundou, Moussoro, N'Djamena, Ngouri, Nokou, Oum, Pala, Salal, Sarh, Tiné, and Zouar.
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Satellite View and Map of N'Djamena (capital city)

Satellite View and Map of Chad

Chad Country Profile

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