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___ Cities and Regions in Italy

A virtual Travel Guide to Cities and Regions of Italy.
Visit all the famous Italian cities like Rome, Milan, Florence, Verona, Naples and travel unknown regions and historically distinct landscapes of Italy.

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Italy Vacation - Official sites and city guides.

Italian Cities

Comune di Bari with information for travelers and tourists (in Italian).

Bologna's official city site (in Italian).

The Renaissance city.
The Palio of Ferrara
A historical spectacle with horse and donkey rides, flag-wavers and musicians, its the oldest medieval Palio in the world.

Google Earth Google Map Florence
Searchable map and satellite view of Florence.

Comune di Firenze
The City of Florence in the Tuskany region, official city portal with visitors information, city map, tourist attractions and more.
The official tourism site of Florence, discover the city of Dante and Brunelleschi.
The first town Net in Florence, a traveller's guide to Florence and Tuskany.

Comune di Genova
Official site of the City of Genoa, Liguria. (in Italian)

Livorno's official city site.

Google Earth Google Map Milan
Searchable map and satellite view of Milan.

Comune di Milano
The City of Milan, Lombardy region.
Guide to the international famous Italian City Milan.

Comune di Napoli
The City of Naples, Campania region.
Napoli Virtuale
Information about Naples.

Comune di Pisa
Official city site of Pisa, Tuskany region.

Comune di Palermo
The City of Palermo, Sicily.

Improve your knowledge about the city of Pompeii.

The official site of the city of Ravenna, visit Ravemma's Byzantine past and beautiful mosaics.

Google Earth Google Map Rome
Searchable map and satellite view of Rome.

Comune di Roma
Rome - a few thousand years of history (in Italian).
Rome city guide.
Roma On line
Magazine virtuale di Roma (Italian/English).

Città Torino
The City of Turin, Piedmont region.
Turismo Torino
Official site of Tourist office in Turin.

The city of Tropea, Calabria.

Google Earth Google Map Venice
Searchable map and satellite view of Venice.

Comune di Venezia
The Official Web Site of the City of Venice, Veneto region.
Walks Inside Venice
Classical and unusual walks and boat tours with professional Venetian experts. Art, history, handicraft, poetry, food and wine tasting and much more.
Unique views of a unique city.
In Venice Today
Venice City Guide.
Introduce you to Venice.
Venice Guide and Boat
Site of the official Tour Guides and Licensed Water Taxis in the City of Venice.

Comune di Verona
Official web site of the City of Verona, Veneto region. (in Italian)
UPT di Verona
Verona's official tourism information site.

Regions of Italy

Official Abruzzo portal. (in Italian).
Regione Abruzzo. Servizio Sviluppo del Turismo
Abruzzo Tourism site. (in Italian).

Provincia autonoma di Bolzano - Bozen Südtirol
Bolzano region.

Basilicata's official website. (in Italian).
Azienda di Promozione Turistica di Basilicata
Official tourism information site for the Basilicata region.

Region Calabria official site (in Italian).

Regione Campania
Official web site of Campania region. (in Italian)
Campania Tourism.
Campania tourism information.
A portal completely dedicated to Mt. Vesuvius.

The Capri Island Web Site - be shure to visit the
Grand Hotel Quisisana.

Emilia-Romagna - Region Emilia-Romagna official site.
Emilia-Romagna Turismo
A tourist guide to Emilia-Romagna.

__Friuli Venezia Giulia
Friuli Venezia Giulia
Friuli Venezia Giulia Tourism

The Latium region.

The Liguria region.
Liguria Tourism
A travel and accommodation guide to Cinque Terre region (in Italian.)

Portal to the Lombardy region.



Regione Piemonte
Official web site of the Piedmont region.


Regione Autonoma della Sardegna
Sardinia island.

Sicily Region.
Estate Eolie
The Eolian islands in southern Italy.

Regione Autonoma Trentino
Trentino Region, South Tyrol.

Regione Toscana
The Tuscany Region.
Tourism in Tuscany
Official guide to the Toscana.
Terra di Toscana
Dedicated to the lovers of Tuscany.

The Umbria region.

The Veneto region.

__Valle d'Aosta
Valle d'Aosta; Vallee d'Aoste
Aosta Vally region.

   Bologna - Piazza Galvani
Bologna - Piazza Galvani
© Emilia Romagna Turismo / Alessando Salomoni

Florence Palazzo Vecchio
Florence - Palazzo Vecchio ©

Carthusian monastery
View of the Carthusian monastery at Florence

Satyr Palazzo Amorin
Satyr of Palazzo Amorin © Emilia Romagna Turismo

Ravenna Terme
Ravenna - Riolo Terme © Emilia Romagna Turismo

Museo Giovanni Fattori
Livorno - Villa Mimbelli - Museo Giovanni Fattori
© comune.livorno

Dipinto dell'Annunciazione
Ravenna - Painting of the Annunciation
© Emilia Romagna Turismo

Bertuzzi Valley
Bertuzzi Valley
© Emilia Romagna Turismo/Milko Marchetti

Tropea Beach
Beach at Tropea (Calabria) © Comune.Tropea
More about Italy:

The Colosseum
Saint Peter Basilica (Vatican City State)
Mount Vesuvius, Pompeii and Herculaneum

Searchable map and satellite view of Rome
Searchable map and satellite view of Florence
Searchable map and satellite view of Milan
Searchable map and satellite view of Naples
Searchable map and satellite view of Venice

Searchable map and satellite view of Italy
Italy Country Profile

Searchable map and satellite view of Vatican City State

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