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Thanks to you all for your confidence.
Klaus Kästle
Editor One World - Nations Online


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December 2004 Learning Fountain Award
Learning Fountain Award "Hi Klaus:


Your website is hereby designated a Learning Fountain. Enclosed as an attachment is your Learning Fountain Award image that you may place on your site. You may also use it for other advertising.

The Learning Fountain is more than an award to be placed on an award page. It represents a way of doing business that places the visitor first.

Live your vision
Paul "the soaring" Siegel, Author"

The Learning Fountain

! The Information Institute of Syracuse recognizes Nations Online Project
as a Collection Member of the GEM Consortium.

GEM Member "Welcome to the Gateway to Educational Materials (GEM) Consortium!

The Information Institute of Syracuse recognizes Klaus Kästle - Nations Online Project as an Individual Collection Member (ICM) of the GEM Consortium with collections of educational materials that are or will be cataloged and entered into The Gateway."

The Gateway
GEM is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education.

May 2004 Nomination :: The Nations Online Project is finalist in the
6th Stockholm Challenge

Stockholm Challenge Award  Congratulations!

Your project is one of the finalists in the Stockholm Challenge Award 2003/2004!
Nearly 900 projects from 107 countries entered the Stockholm Challenge Award 2003/2004.

The international jury, consisting of senior experts from all corners of the globe, has now ended the difficult process in selecting the finalists out of all the interesting and innovative projects.

It is an honour for the City of Stockholm to invite you to participate in the Stockholm Challenge Final Event, which will take place in Stockholm, Sweden, on May 10-13 2004.

January 2001 OWNO is an Academic Info Select Site

Academic Info Thanks for the resource. I added it to the following Academic Info pages:
Since your site is listed in more than one Academic Info category and is of such quality you qualify to display an Academic Info "Select Site" banner.
If you'd rather not display the banner please consider adding a link back to Academic Info if appropriate.

Thanks again,

Mike Madin
Academic Info

December 2000,  OWNO is featured in the December 2000 issue of the "Top 10 Educational Sites on the World-Wide Web."
Learning in Motion ...Nations Online is featured in the December 2000 issue of the "Top 10 Educational Sites on the World-Wide Web." Learning in Motion publishes the Monthly Top 10 List on our Web Site for educators and students who are interested in integrating the Internet with their schoolwork.

Learning in Motion

Judit Sedillosp

May 2000,  OWNO has been chosen to bear the 2000-2001 Golden Web Award.
Golden Web Award  Congratulations! Your web-site has been reviewed and chosen to bear the 2000-2001 Golden Web Award.

The International Association of Web Masters and Designers (I.A.W.M.D.)
The Golden Web Award

Unbeetable - April 2000  OWNO has earned the
Beehive WeB Pix Award!
Beehive WeB Pix Award  We Bees have buzzed the nominated Web site: One World - Nations Online.

It's review score of 97 has earned it our WeB Pix Award!
This award-winning site will bee listed on the winners' page and will bee listed in the Beehive directory

Thanks and, again, congratulations on finding Web excellence!

Míc Miller, publisher,
Beeline Publications,
Bloomington, IN, USA

Note: The "Beehive WeB Pix Award" is rated as a "World's Top Award" at Website Awards and as a 5.0 Level Elite Award at Award Sites

Dec 99  OWNO has been selected as a
Surfers Choice Portal Site
SC Portal Site
Submit Your Site
Congratulations on your selection to SC PORTAL where only the finest sites submitted to us are indexed.

Best Regards
Wally Gross, SC Review Team
Note: The "Surfers Choice Award" is rated as a "World's Top Award" at Website Awards and as a 5.0 Level Elite Award at Award Sites

Thanks to the Internet Brothers for the Helpware and Community Award.
Helpware and Community Award spaceIt is my pleasure to announce the selection of OWNO for an Internet Brothers present in the Helpware and Community category. It is quite a resource for learning and understanding other cultures no matter where one is located. One surprise, being from Germany as you are, I was pleasantly pleased by your grasp of the subtle nuances of English humor. I found myself chuckling out loud a number of times. Thanks.

Jeff Clark, on behalf of the
Internet Brothers Presents Review Panel

Note: The "Internet Brothers Award" is rated as a "World's Top Award" at Website Awards

Nov. 99 OWNO has been awarded at the

DIMA New Talents Award

DIMA New Talents Award ‘99.
A German award competition for innovative web content in the fields of advertising, art, education and entertainment.

The DIMA New Talents Award is organized by DDV(Deutscher Direktmarketing Verband - German Direct Marketing Union), dmmv (Deutscher Multimedia Verband - German Multimedia Association) and komm, (Berufsverband der Wirtschafts- und Gesellschaftskommunikation - Professional Association for Business- and Social Communication)
Netsurfers Digest

Thanx to the Netsurfers Digest for the great site review in the
Netsurfer Digest: Vol. 05, #23 Sat, 31 Jul 1999

Netsurfer Digest is a FREE e-mail delivered e-zine bringing cyberspace directly to your mailbox since 1994.

The World Online

A non-political, non-commercial portal, One World - Nations Online (OWNO) calls itself "a holistic and philanthropic project, dedicated to the art, culture, history, and the uniqueness of a nation and its people." We like its take-off on browser compatibility - "Best viewed with an open mind" - and its explanation of its icon for a cultural spot as "possibly not very [sic]
interesting for kids." Our favorite resource here is the collection of links to official and unofficial sites alphabetized by country. Many will be surprised to find a large number of sites in Third World countries. (Patience may be required to receive a response from some of them.) Other resources include links to "Fascinating Sites", global information, official and tourist
sites for each of the United States, regional search engines, maps, clocks, a photo gallery, a message board, and a newsletter.
All in all, OWNO is an excellent index with a huge scope.


has been mentioned at Nonprofit Online News Sunday, August 1, 1999


has been awarded by The Circles of Light Internet Magazine:

Circles of Light  Award
world nations

Your site is being awarded the Circles of Light website award this week. This award is presented to those sites which help promote light and understanding on the internet.


has been awarded as   AdZe's Cosmic Site of the Week:

Cosmic Award Congratulations!

Your site, One World - Nations Online, has been chosen to be
AdZe's Cosmic Site of the Week for the week of 09/06/99.


has been awarded by   Searchking:

searchking award CONGRATULATIONS - You have an award winning website!
You, or someone who enjoyed your site as much as we did,
submitted your site to awards division.

We have been to your site and found it informative, easy
to navigate, original and an excellent contribution to the
internet community as a whole.
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