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Beach at the Cap Juluca resort on Maundays Bay, Anguilla
The beach at the Cap Juluca resort on Maundays Bay, Anguilla.
Image: tiarescott
Flag of Anguilla
Flag of Anguilla
Location map of Anguilla. Where in the Caribbean is Anguilla?
Location map of Anguilla

Destination Anguilla, a virtual guide to the island in the British West Indies. Anguilla is the northernmost island of the Leeward Islands, located about 270 km (165 mi) east of Puerto Rico, and just north of the island of Saint Martin, in the Eastern Caribbean.

Formerly a British colony and briefly united with St. Kitts and Nevis in 1967, it is now a self-governing dependency of the UK. The territory consists of the main island of Anguilla and a number of uninhabited smaller islands and cays.

Capital and seat of the Governor's Office is a town known as The Valley. Anguilla is served by Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport (formerly Wallblake Airport).

Spoken language is English.

Related countries: UK, British Virgin Islands, Saint Kitts and Nevis, U.S. Virgin Islands

Anguilla Sovereignty: United Kingdom

Country Profile

Originally inhabited by Arawak and Carib peoples, Anguilla became a British colony after English settlers arrived in 1650. Its people are of mainly African descent.

Anguilla, as the first in the chain of the Leeward islands, is located in the Eastern Caribbean, east of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

It is only a few minutes by air from the major international airport of St. Maarten and is serviced by regular flights from the other international Caribbean gateways of Antigua and Puerto Rico. Anguilla's location, and its reputation as a friendly and virtually crime free society, has enabled it to establish itself as a high end tourist destination.

Official Name: Anguilla

ISO Country Code: ai

Local Time (Eastern Caribbean Time Zone) = UTC -4h
Actual Time: Tue-Dec-6  10:03

Country Calling Code: +1 264

Capital City: The Valley

Type: Internally self-governing British overseas territory.
Head of State: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, represented by the Governor.

Location: Eastern Caribbean, east of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.
Area: 91 kmĀ² (35 sq. miles)
Terrain: Flat limestone and coral island with only a few rolling hills.

Climate: Tropical; moderated by trade winds.

Nationality: Anguillan(s)
Population: 16,700 (2016 est.)
Ethnic Groups: black 90.1%, mulatto 4.6%
Religions: Christianity
Languages: English (official)
Literacy: 92%

Natural resources: Salt, fish, lobster.

Agriculture products: Tobacco, vegetables; cattle raising.

Industries: Tourism, boat building, offshore financial services.

Exports - commodities: lobster, fish, livestock, salt, concrete blocks, rum.

Exports partners: UK, USA,
Puerto Rico

Imports - commodities: fuels, foodstuffs, manufactures, chemicals, trucks, textiles.

Imports partners: USA, Puerto Rico, UK

Currency: East Caribbean dollar (XCD)
(US currency widely accepted)


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Official Sites of Anguilla

Government of Anguilla
Official site of the Government of Anguilla.

Department of Immigration
Site provides information on immigration laws and policy.

UK Government
Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO)
The British Government department responsible for overseas relations and foreign affairs.
UK Embassies Overseas
Address list of UK Embassies Abroad.


Map of Anguilla
Small Map of Anguilla.
Google Earth Google Earth Anguilla
Searchable map/satellite view of Anguilla.
Google Earth Google Earth: The Valley
Searchable map/satellite view of Anguilla's capital city.

Map of Central America and the Caribbean
Reference Map of Central America and the Caribbean. 


Public Relation
Anguilla's (Official) Channel for greater Communications.
Anguilla Lokal News
Anguilla gossip and news online.
The Anguillian
Anguilla's weekly news online.

Radio Anguilla
"The Voice of Choice", with local news.

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Arts & Culture

Anguilla Vibe
Online resource for entertainment, sports, fashion and issues for young Anguillians.
Bankie Banx
Anguilla's International Reggae Star.
Come to the real world of art- Anguilla
Teresa Harrigan one of Anguilla's best young adult artist.

Business & Economy

Anguilla has few natural resources, and the economy depends heavily on luxury tourism, offshore banking, lobster fishing, and remittances from emigrants. The Government of Anguilla is keen to develop a thriving, high quality financial services sector in Anguilla.

The National Bank of Anguilla online.

Anguilla's Offshore Finance Dept
Anguilla Financial Services, Includes ACORN, Anguilla's Commercial Online Registration Network, by which companies can be registered.

Anguilla Chamber of Commerce and Industry
The official web site with information about the Chamber's role and activities in Anguilla.

Anguilla Internet Yellow Pages
Online guide to products and services. 

Trans Anguilla Airways
Local Charter Airline.

The Link Ferries - Anguilla, BWI
Link Ferries operate between Anguilla and St. Martin.
Travel and Tour Consumer Information

Destination Anguilla - Travel and Tour Guides

Discover Anguilla: tranquility, wrapped in blue. The Valley, Scrub Island, West End, Road Bay, Shoal Bay.
Gorgeous Beaches, Luxury Accommodations, Five-Star Resorts, Watersports, Festivals, Events and much more.

Anguilla Vacation & Travel Guide
Information about Anguilla.

Anguilla Tourist Board
The Official site of the Anguilla Tourist Board.

Lloyd's Guest House
Lloyd's Guest House is located in the center of Anguilla.


Education in Anguilla: Is free and compulsory between the ages of five and seventeen. There is one state comprehensive school, six state primary schools and five day care centres for children under the age of five.

Environment & Nature

Anguilla National Trust
ANT was established to act as custodian of Anguilla's heritage, preserving and promoting the island's natural environment and its archaeological, historical and cultural resources for present and future generations.
The Gardens of Anguilla
An image guide to Anguilla's gardens.
UKOTCF - Anguilla
UKOTCF promotes conservation of plant and animal species and natural habitats of UK Overseas Territories.


Anguilla's History
Anguilla's Tourist Board Page about Anguilla's long rich history.


Anguilla Internet Yellow Pages
Online guide to Anguilla related sites.
Index of Anguilla web links.

Additional Information on Anguilla

BBC Country Profile: Anguilla

Open Directory Project: Anguilla

Wikipedia: Anguilla

The World Factbook -- Anguilla
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