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Map is showing Moldova, a landlocked country in Eastern Europe in a region formerly known as Bessarabia. It is bordered by Romania in west and by Ukraine in north and east. The region is situated on the Moldavian Plateau in the south eastern part of the East European Plain.

Moldova's landscape can be described as rolling steppe with a gradual slope in south towards the Black Sea. The highest elevation in the country is a hill named Bălănești with an altitude of 430 m.

With an area of 33,850 km² Moldova is somewhat larger than Belgium, or slightly larger than the U.S. state of Maryland.

Moldova has a population of 3,560,000. By far the largest city and capital is Chisinau.
Spoken languages are Moldovan (Romanian), recognized regional languages are Ukrainian, Russian, and Gagauz (a Turkic language).

Moldova's major rivers are the Dniester (Nistru) the Răut, a tributary of Dniester, and the Prut rive, which forms Moldova's border with Romania.

Depicted on the map is Moldova with surrounding countries, international borders, main rivers, major cities, main roads, railroads, and major airports.

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Political Map of Moldova
Political Map of Moldova

Cities and towns in Moldova:

The map shows the location of following Moldovan cities:

Capital and largest city: Chisinau

There are five cities with municipality status: Bălţi, Chişinău, Comrat, Bender (Tighina), and Tiraspol

Other cities and towns:
Balatina, Basarabeasca, Beloci, Briceni, Cahul, Camenca, Cantemir, Ceadîr-Lunga, Cimişlia, Căinari, Călărași, Căușeni, Donduşeni, Dubăsari, Edineţ, Floreşti, Făleşti, Glodeni, Grigoriopol, Hîncești, Leova, Lipcani, Lăpușna, Orhei, Otaci, Rezina, Rîbniţa, Rîșcani, Slobozia, Soroca, Sîngerei, Sălcuța, Teleneşti, Ungheni, Vertiujeni, and Vulcăneşti.
More about Moldova:

Satellite View and Map of Chisinau

Satellite View and Map of Moldova
Political Map of Moldova

Moldova Country Profile

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