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___ Searchable Map and Satellite view of Thailand

Searchable Map and Satellite View of Thailand using Google Earth Data

Garuda Emblem of Thailand Searchable map showing the Kingdom of Thailand in Southeast Asia, bordering Laos to the north east, the Kingdom of Cambodia to the east, the Gulf of Thailand and Malaysia to the south, and the Andaman Sea and Myanmar to the west.

With an area of 513,120 km², the country is just slightly larger than Spain or slightly more than twice the size of the U.S. state Wyoming. Until 1939 the country was known as Siam.

Thailand has a population of 65.5 million people (2014). Capital and by far its largest city is Bangkok. Spoken language is Thai (official), some English in tourist regions.

Thailand is a famous tourist country, main destinations are beside the capital Bangkok, the islands of Phuket and Ko Samui, and the northern capital of Chiang Mai.

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Thai yaksha
Thotsakan (Ravana), one of the twelve giant demons (yaksha), the demon sentinel is watching over the Emerald Buddha in Wat Phra Kaew, the most sacred Buddhist temple (wat) in Thailand.
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Local Time Thailand:
Friday-August-26  01:24  
Time zone: Indochina Time (ICT) :: UTC/GMT +7 hours
φ Latitude, λ Longitude (of Map center; move the map to see coordinates):
Google Earth: Searchable Map and Satellite View of the Kingdom of Thailand.

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