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___ Satellite View and Map of Togo (République Togolaise)

Houses of the Batammaribas, Koutammakou
Mud tower-houses of the Batammaribas, near Kara town in northern Togo, Koutammakou landscape official website is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Image: Togo Tourisme

About Togo

Togo LogoSatellite view is showing Togo, a narrow strip of land 550 km long and 110 km wide located on the south side of West Africa between Ghana and Benin, bordering Burkina Faso in north and it has a nice 50 km long coastline at the Bight of Benin (Gulf of Guinea, Atlantic Ocean) in south.

From the late 15th until the 18th century, the territory along the Bight of Benin was a key area in the African slave trade, it was then known as the Slave Coast. In the early 20th century the region became the German colony of Togoland, during World War I the territory was invaded by British and French troops and after WW I split between the two nations. Togo became independent from France in 1960.

With an area of 56,785 km², Togo is among the smaller countries in Africa, compared it is about the size of Croatia or slightly smaller than the U.S. state of West Virginia.

Togolese girl with headdress for the initiation ritual
Girl with headdress for the initiation ritual, Batammariba people, Togo.
Image: Dominique Sewane
Togo has a population of 7.14 million people (in 2016) from about 40 different ethnic groups, the most numerous are Ewe, Tem, Tchamba, and Kabye people. Spoken languages are French (official), Ewe and Kabye are considered national languages, Mina, an Ewe dialect acts as the lingua franca; Dagomba in the north.

The country has a high percentage of people with indigenous beliefs (more than 50%), Vodun (Voodoo) is practiced in southern and central Togo, many varieties of Christianity, Islam in the north.

Primate city, chief port and national capital is Lomé in the south of the country. Other urban ceters are Sokodé, in the Tchaoudjo region, an important market place for the surrounding areas. Kara, in north, an agricultural center for coffee, cocoa and cotton. Kpalimé in the south near the border to Ghana, it is Togo's main town for crafts, and a popular tourist destination.

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Local Time Togo:
Friday-April-20  01:25  
Time Zone: GMT/UTC :: no time offset of GMT/UTC
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Google Maps: Searchable Map of République Togolaise (Togo).
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