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___ Administrative Map of Sudan

Map is showing Sudan, a country in northeastern Africa, south of Egypt, with a coastline on the Red Sea. It is Africa's largest country, and 10th largest country in the world.
The map shows Sudan with international borders, provincial boundaries, the national capital Khartoum, state capitals, cities and towns.

Border Countries: Central African Republic, Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Libya, Uganda

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Administrative Map of Sudan
Administrative Map of Sudan
Sudan States
Sudan is divided into twenty-six states (wilayat, sing.: wilayah).

The states are:
Northern State, Population: 610,000, Capital: Dongola |
River Nile, Population: 940,000, Capital: El Damar |
Red Sea (al-Bahr al-Ahmar) Population: 730,000, Capital: Port Sudan (Bur Sudan);

Northern Darfur, Population: 1,600,000, Capital: El Fashir
Western Darfur, Population: 1,660,000, Capital: El Geneina
Southern Darfur, Population: 2,960,000, Capital: Nyala
Western Bahar el Ghazal, Population: 220,000?, Capital: Wau
Northern Bahar al Ghazal, Population: 820,000, Capital: Aweil

Central Sudan:
Nortthern Kordofan, Population: 1,530,000, Capital: El Obeid
Southern Kordofan, Population: 2,310,000, Capital: Kadugli
White Nile, Population: 1,740,000, Capital: Rabak |
Blue Nile, Population: 800,000, Capital: Ed Damazin (Ad-Damazin)
Upper Nile, Population: 620,000, Capital:Malakal
Gezira, Population: 3,590,000, Capital: Wad Madani
Unity, Population: 660,000, Capital: Bentiu
Warab, Population: 1,700,000, Capital: Warrap(Kunjok)
Khartoum, Population: 6,000,000, Capital: Khartoum
Gedaref (Al Qadarif), Population: 1,570,000, Capital: Gedaref
Kassala, Population: 1,550,000, Capital: Kassala
Sennar, Population: 1,240,000, Sinja

Lakes, Population: 880,000, Capital: Rumbek
Jonglei (Junqali), Population: 1,230,000, Capital: Bor
Western Equatoria, Population: 740,000, Capital: Yambio
Central Equatoria, Population: 560,000, Capital: Juba
Eastern Equatoria, Population: 730,000, Capital: Kapoeta (Kabūyitā)

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