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___ Satellite View and Map of the town of Abyei (أبيي‎), Sudan

About Abyei (town)

Satellite view is showing Abyei, a town in the Abyei Area of Sudan. The town is located in the central part of the country in Southern Kordofan state near the demarcation line which divides Northern Sudan and the new state of South Sudan.

Abyei has a population of estimated 30-50,000 people.
Spoken languages are predominantly Dinka and Sudanese Arabic.

Abyei is a key town in the conflict between North- and South Sudan, "Abyei is the 'line in the sand' on which neither Khartoum nor Juba is willing to compromise."

Clashes broke out in Abyei in December 2007 after the GoSS (Government of Southern Sudan) appointed an administrator for the region - a move rejected by local, pro-Northern Misseriya tribe (a branch of the Baggara Arabs tribes), who in reaction formed a group called the Abyei Liberation Front.
Abyei town was almost completely destroyed in May 2008 when tensions escalated between the SPLA of the south and the Sudanese Army Force (SAF).

Following the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (in 2005), which left the status of Abyei undecided, the region became a gateway for returnees, especially for Dinka, Ngok and Twic people. Up to May 2008, more than 60,000 returnees have resettled in Abyei, about fifteen new villages were re-established in the area, and several markets were either expanded or opened.
However, due to the conflict, the Abyei area suffered greatly from a lack of access to basic social services such as drinking water, schools and health facilities, as well as from the absence of governance and rule of law institutions. This has made the resettlement process very challenging for the returning population. (UNDP)

In May 2011 Abyei was seized by Khartoum government troops, caused widespread looting and some 40,000 people have fled the fighting around Abyei - mostly southerners, heading further south.

The map shows a town map of Abyei with motorways, main roads and streets.

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Abyei region
A Southern Sudanese soldier walks past the Aniet market in Agok in Abyei region. Residents of the town have fled after Sudan Armed forces occupied Abyei town and threatened to push southward.
Image: ENOUGH Project © All Rights Reserved

Cattle in the Abyei region
Cattle are central to the lives of tribesmen in Abyei region.
Image: AFP

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