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___ Northern Ireland

A virtual guide to Northern Ireland, this page is about many aspects of Northern Ireland. Search and locate official web sites from the country, and find comprehensive information on the nation in its diversity: Northern Ireland's culture, history and geography. Get key information on Northern Ireland's economy, education, science, environment, population, and government.
You will have access to news from Northern Ireland and you may visit Northern Irelandan cities. Find maps and other tourism information for Northren Ireland.
Belfast City Hall
Belfast City Hall
© britainonview/Martin Brent

Northern Ireland

Country Profile

Flag of Northern Ireland
Government of Northern Ireland Flag
The Red Hand Flag (The official Flag of Northern Ireland is the Union Jack)

Northern Ireland is a province and one of four constituent parts of the United Kingdom. It is located on the island of Ireland, where it shares a land border with the Republic of Ireland. A slight majority of the present-day population are unionist and wish to remain part of the United Kingdom, but a significant minority, known as nationalists, want to see a united Ireland. Unionists are predominantly Protestant and often descendants of Scottish and English (mainly Scottish) settlement in previous centuries, while nationalists are predominantly Catholic and usually descend from the Irish population.
Today, Northern Ireland comprises a diverse patchwork of community rivalries, represented in some areas by whole communities where lamp posts and some homes fly the Irish national flag, the tricolour, or the Union Flag, the symbol of British identity, while even the kerbstones in less affluent areas get painted green-white-orange or red-white-blue, depending on whether a local community expresses nationalist/republican or unionist/loyalist sympathies.
Source: Wikipedia

border countries: Republic of Ireland

related countries: United Kingdom
Northern Ireland Part of the UK

Official Name:
Northern Ireland
Irish: Thuaisceart Éireann
Northren Ireland
Ulster-Scots: Norlin Airlann
other politically not correct forms: "North of Ireland", "Six Counties", "Ulster"

Local Time = UTC +0h
Actual Time: Thu-Apr-11  17:26
Daylight saving time (DST) from 27 March 2005 to 30 October 2005: UTC +1

Capital City:
Belfast, Béal Feirste / Béal Feirste

Other Cities:
Ballymoney, Bangor, Londonderry, Lurgan, Portadown

Type: Constituent Nation of the United Kingdom
Head of state: HM Queen Elizabeth II
Self-government for Northern Ireland was suspended in 1972

Location: Northwest Europe, occupying the north eastern part of the island of Ireland, about a sixth of the total island area.
Area: 13,843 kmĀ² (5,344 sq. mi.)

Climate: temperate maritime

Population: 1.8 million (2010)
Ethnic Groups: Irish, British
Religions: Roman Catholic, Presbyterian (Protestant), Church of Ireland (Protestant), other religions
Languages: English, Irish, Ulster-Scots, others
Literacy: 99%

Currency: Pound Sterling (£) (GBP)

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Official Sites of Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Assembly
Institution formed after the Belfast Agreement, as a part of the peace process in Northern Ireland.
The Northern Ireland Executive
Devolving Power to the People of Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland Office (NIO)
NIO was created in 1972 after the Northern Ireland Government was dissolved in the face of a worsening security situation, its mission is to securing a lasting peace.

Access to public service information.

Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission
Statutory body established in terms of the Northern Ireland Act, in compliance with the Good Friday Agreement.
Northern Ireland Parades Commission
Parade or not parade, that's the question.

Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency
Northern Ireland census information.


Map of Northern Ireland
Political Map of Northern Ireland.
Google Earth Google Earth Northern Ireland
Searchable map and satellite view of Northern Ireland.
Google Earth Google Earth Belfast
Searchable map and satellite view of Northern Ireland's capital city.

 Map of the United Kingdom
Political Map of the United Kingdom.
Map of Europe
Political Map of Europe.


BBC - Northern Ireland
The BBC Northern Ireland portal.
Belfast Telegraph News
Local and national news.
Irish News
News from Ireland - Belfast Newspaper.
The Irish Times
All-Ireland news.
Links to daily newspaper articles about Northern Ireland.
News Letter
Now in its fourth century of continuous publication providing Northern Ireland local news.
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Arts & Culture

Arts Council of Northern Ireland
Arts in North Ireland.
Belfast Festival at Queen's

Northern Ireland Public Libraries
Northern Ireland library services.

The Van Morrison Website
Keep Mediocrity At Bay.
Gary Moore
Still Got the Blues.
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Business & Economy

Bank of Ireland

Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce and Industry
NICCI represents every sector of the business community in Northern Ireland.

Destination Northern Ireland - Country Guides

Northern Ireland Tourist Board
Travel Belfast, Derry, Londonderry & Armagh, Giant's Causway, Fermanagh Lakelands.

Destination Northern Ireland
A guide to Northern Ireland by VisitBritain.

ARK Northern Ireland
Social and political information on the province.

The Belfast City Council.
The official visitor information & accommodation reservation web site for Belfast.


Travel and Tour Consumer Information


The Queen's University of Belfast
Founded by Queen Victoria, the Queen's University in Ireland, was designed to be a non-denominational alternative to Trinity College Dublin which was controlled by the Anglican Church.
University of Ulster
The University of Ulster.

Environment & Nature

Department of the Environment
The Department's aim is to improve the quality of life in Northern Ireland by promoting a better and safer environment.


Northern Ireland History
BBC site about Northern Ireland's History throughout the 20th century.
The Ireland Story
A travel through Ireland's History.
Key events in Northern Ireland history
Timeline of historical events in Northern Ireland starting in the 12th century until today by BBC.

Northern Ireland Conflict
A State Apart

A State Apart is an interactive chronicle covering the 30 years of conflict in Northern Ireland.

CAIN - Web Service (Conflict Archive on the INternet)
Contains information and source material on the Northern Ireland Conflict and politics in Northern Ireland from 1968 to the present.

The Joint Declaration on Peace
The Downing Street Declaration - in which the British and Irish Prime Ministers affirmed the importance of Civil Rights in Northern Ireland.

 Northern Ireland - Mourne Mountains
Mourne Mountains - length of drystone walls
© britainonview/Martin Brent

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