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___ Administrative Map of Paraguay

Map is showing Paraguay and the surrounding countries with international borders, department boundaries,
the national capital Asunciòn, provincial capitals, major cities, and towns.

Border Countries: Argentina, Bolivia, and Brazil

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Administrative Map of Paraguay
Administrative Map of Paraguay

Map based on a UN map. Source: UN Cartographic Section   

Administrative Divisions of Paraguay

Paraguay consists of seventeen departments (departamento) and one capital district (distrito capital) which is Asunciòn.

Departments of Paraguay from north to south (capital in parentheses):

Alto Paraguay(Fuerte Olimpo), Boquerón (Filadelfia), Concepción (Concepción), Amambay (Pedro Juan Caballero), Presidente Hayes (Villa Hayes), San Pedro (San Pedro), Canindeyú (Salto del Guairá), Alto Paraná (Ciudad del Este), Caaguazú (Coronel Oviedo), Cordillera (Caacupé), Central (Areguá), Paraguarí (Paraguarí), Guairá (Villarrica), Caazapá (Caazapá), Ñeembucú (Pilar), Misiones (San Juan Bautista), Itapúa (Encarnación)
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Satellite View and Map of Asunciòn

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Political Map of Paraguay

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