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___ Arab League (جامعة الدول العربية)

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League of Arab States  

League of Arab States Symbol Arab League (Arabic: الجامعة العربية‎ al-Jāmiʻa al-ʻArabiyya), formally the League of Arab States (Arabic: جامعة الدول العربية‎ Jāmiʻat ad-Duwal al-ʻArabiyya)

The Arab League is an intergovernmental organization (IGO), a voluntary association of independent African and Middle East countries whose peoples are mainly Arabic speaking.

The stated purposes of the Arab League are to strengthen ties among the member states, coordinate their policies, and promote their common interests.

The league was founded in Cairo in 1945 by Egypt, Iraq, Jordan (originally Transjordan, Jordan, as of 1950), and Yemen.

Countries that later joined are: Algeria (1962), Bahrain (1971), Comoros (1993), Djibouti (1977), Kuwait (1961), Libya (1953), Mauritania (1973), Morocco (1958), Oman (1971), Qatar (1971), Somalia (1974), Southern Yemen (1967), Sudan (1956), Tunisia (1958), and the United Arab Emirates (1971). The Palestine Liberation Organization was admitted in 1976.
In January 2003 Eritrea joined the Arab League as an observer.

Egypt's membership was suspended in 1979 after it signed a peace treaty with Israel; the league's headquarters was moved from Cairo, Egypt, to Tunis, Tunisia.

In 1987 Arab leaders decided to renew diplomatic ties with Egypt. Egypt was readmitted to the league in 1989 and the league's headquarters was moved back to Cairo.

Libya was suspended from the Arab League on 22 February 2011. On 27 August 2011, the Arab League voted to restore Libya's membership by accrediting a representative of the National Transitional Council, which was partially recognized as the interim government of the country in the wake of Gaddafi's ouster from the capital of Tripoli.

On 12 November 2011, the League passed a decree that would suspend Syria's membership if the government failed to stop violence against civilian protestors by 16 November amidst the uprising. Despite this, the government did not yield to the League's demands.

29 March 2015, the League agrees to create joint military force. The League has been meeting in Sharm el-Sheikh amid a crisis in Yemen and the threat of jihadists who have made major gains in Iraq, Syria and Libya.
The Arab League will work with military representatives of its members to organise what has been described as a voluntary force. Analysts say that it is unlikely all 22 members will join the proposed force.

The 22 Member States of the Arab League
* Founder States
  Member State Admission   Member State Admission
Algeria 16-08-1962
Bahrain 11-09-1971
Comoros 20-11-1993
Djibouti 04-09-1977
Egypt * 22-03-1945
Iraq * 22-03-1945
Jordan * 22-03-1945
Kuwait 20-07-1961
Lebanon * 22-03-1945
Libya 28-03-1953
Mauritania 26-11-1973
Morocco 01-10-1958
Oman 29-09-1971
Palestine 09-09-1976
Qatar 11-09-1971
Saudi Arabia * 22-03-1945
Somalia 14-02-1974
Sudan 19-01-1956
Syria * 22-03-1945
Tunisia 01-10-1958
United Arab Emirates 06-12-1971
Yemen * 05-05-1945
Eritrea joined the Arab League as an observer in January 2003.

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